What is True Love?

True love, what is it like? Love is a source of inspiration, joy, energy, an incentive to live and create, to create and to improve. It’s an inexpressible sense of admiration and happiness! It is a desire to give joy to your beloved person, to make pleasant surprises, and to be close by.

There are no perfect people. When being a couple, two people complement each other to create a perfect, complete piece. Love is tolerance for the disadvantages of someone you love. True love is not only a euphoric, spontaneous feeling. It is a conscious choice, and you agree to love each other in joy and grief, in poverty and in wealth. True love requires us to do hard things: to forgive one another, to support in the embodiment of cherished dreams, to comfort in difficult moments, to care for loved ones. To love truly is not easy. Not many can cope with this. Ukrainian girls, for example, are caring and treat the feeling of love responsibly. They know that this is not what we feel on the day of the wedding; this feeling is much stronger and more beautiful.

What is the main difference between fake feelings and true love? The fact that people who follow selfish goals put the conditions. If you love me, then I love you too. It is such a relationship practiced by most people. And there is nothing terrible about this. But first of all, true love is unconditional love. This is when you love another person just as much as yourself.

But, it must be remembered that feeling is not a guarantee of reliability of anything, only a person can be the guarantor of reliability. And if you rest easy on the laurels, thinking that if you have tied yourself to a person by the terms of being a couple, you now don’t have to work on your relationship. Or carelessly rushing with words and deeds can lead to a great likelihood of losing this heavenly gift called love that was given to you, because not everyone can appreciate this gift and save it.

Stages of love

Our society pays much attention to this feeling. We are taught to always follow the call of the heart and do what it is longing to. But the feelings are fleeting.

It is the same with love. It has its stages, periods, or circles. Whatever you call it, psychologists have proven that love develops gradually and certain stages of it can be identified:

  1. Sympathy. The first stage lasts for a year and a half, as a rule. People see a partner in the most attractive and unrealistic light. Beautiful appearance, good character, they seek attention and kisses. Everything seems perfect.

This period is also called the “The Chemistry Stage” by some skeptical scientists who study the human brain under the influence of love. Hormones, like endorphins and oxytocin, initially dominate in the brains and blood of lovers. Centers of negative emotions and rational thinking, as neurologists believe, are blocked by these two powerful elements. Euphoria, an exalted mood accompanies each meeting. Love usually ends with weddings or the beginning of common life.

  1. Satiety. When people start to live together or spend a lot of time next to each other, the exacerbation of passions falls, the presence of a beloved becomes something familiar, even ordinary.
  2. Awakening. The third stage is a real test for future love. The passion is already behind; the saturation has happened. During this period, and the weaknesses of the partner become the most visible.
  3. Commitment. Quarrels are less common. There comes an understanding of the fact that you are living with a person who has both bad and good qualities. Usually, during this period, there is an active adaptation to each other. Everyone begins to understand that it is necessary to learn to forgive, understand, accept, tolerate.


  1. Serving. In all previous stages, good deeds meant the same worth deeds in response to them. In the period of serving your partner, you want to bring your partner joy without a reward; you don’t wait for anything back.
  2. Friendship. Here is the beginning of mutual respect and understanding. The spouses know well the characters, and habits of each other, are able to get out of difficult situations without conflicts.
  3. Love. The long-awaited deep feeling comes deservedly and naturally. Not many reach this stage. After all, you must first learn to humble and calmly accept a person as it is, take care of her without charge, take her individuality. The stage of love is higher than a simple attraction; it is in love that a couple is revealed and harmoniously complements each other.


True love is different for everyone. In life and so much spontaneity: failure, disappointment, loss of work, illness and many other problems. We can not escape from the ship every time clouds meet on the horizon. So remember, true love does not depend on weather conditions.