Wedding Videos: Your Plan For a Beautiful Video

Getting a beautiful wedding video takes some preparation. You will want to have a thorough discussion with your videographer about the things that are important to you. This will help them deliver the best video possible.  We’ve put together four things to do to make this process a bit easier. 

Make a list of shots

Only you know what you want. As you are planning your wedding, you have surely seen photos and videos that you love. Make a list of shots that you would like included. This will help the videographer capture the moments and shots that are the most important to you. 

Make a list of shots that can be staged

When you’ve completed your list of shots from above, decide what shots can be staged and what need to be caught authentically. For instance, the groom getting his boutonniere put on is a good time is a shot to stage. Another is a family joined before the ceremony in prayer. Moments like the first kiss and first dance should happen authentically. These are things that can’t be reshot.


When meet with your videographer for the last time before the wedding, give them a timeline of your day. This will help them decide when the best time to capture things like the cake and decor. This will also let them know the time the bride is getting ready, when the groom is getting ready, when the wedding starts, when the recetopion starts, the time the cake will be cut, and so on. 

Manage your expectations

Your wedding video should be beautiful and capture the events of your day. However, not every shot may turn out. There are some shots that can be retaken if it is a stages shot. There are some shots that happen in the moment, and can’t just be retaken. For example, when you are feeding each other cake, your guests may unknowingly block the camera. Unfortunately, these things can happen. You should expect a fantastic video that captures the essence of the day, but may not get every shot that was on your list.

Hopefully, with a little bit or preparation, your video will turn out beautifully. Remember, talk with your videographer about the things that are important to you. Also let them know the timeline of your day so that they can manage their time wisely and capture all of the must have moments.