Ways to Add Exercise into Your Daily Routine

Daily routines are hectic, tiresome and often utterly bothersome too. It’s all the busier when you have kids, careers, and friends and loved ones to keep in touch with. With so many priorities swirling around your head at once, something like exercise can fall to the bottom of your to-do list.

However, something as simple as a daily walk can add an additional seven years to your life, and you’ll feel better for it too! No matter how busy you are, there’s always an opportunity to add exercise into your daily routine. Here’s how to do it!


Home Workout

Sometimes, the gym feels like the only appropriate place to get some worthwhile exercise. All the equipment is certainly impressive, and gets the job done in making you build up a sweat. The results are undeniable. Still, for all the perks and benefits the gym affords, it’s not the only way to get exercise. It’s time to go back to basics if you’re really pressed for time (and perhaps even cut out membership fees too)!

When you have an urge to sit down and whack on some Netflix for a few hours, instead put yourself through your paces in a home workout that anyone can perform. Instead of spending thirty minutes for your morning shower, spend fifteen exercising then fifteen cleaning up after! After all, you don’t need specialist tools and equipment just to do a few press-ups! If this sounds somewhat mundane to you, then put on some music or put on your favourite show for the added fun factor. If your daily routine is rammed, then remember; you can always kill two birds with one stone!  

Cycle to Work

No one finds going to work easy. Whether it’s an early wakeup call or a busy day ahead, it’s often the case that little shortcuts need to be taken here and there to make it a bit more bearable to deal with. One of these cheats can be driving to and from work every day, even though it’s not always entirely necessary.

However, you can always invest in a bicycle and peddle yourself there instead. Kick yourself into gear, and ready yourself for the day ahead in a speedy fashion on your saddle. Even if your workplace is far away from your residence and you commute via train, you could train part way there, then hop off at the station just prior to your stop. After all, you can click here for some fold up bikes, which are light to carry and easy to pack away on a train!


Use Your Lunchbreak

If you’re a career kind of person, then stress and ambition constantly keep you charged throughout the working day. Therefore, there can sometimes feel like there’s little room for anything else in your job other than stone cold working. Whether it’s paperwork, meetings, or other assignments, your schedule was rammed the moment you woke up! Is there a gap anywhere?

Well, there is a gap in there somewhere, and it’s found in the lunchbreak. Instead of sitting at your desk or in the company kitchen chomping on a sandwich, take your lunchbox with you and hit the great outdoors. You can go for a leisurely walk in that hour you have and get some fresh air and a bit of sun on you too! In the end, these little pockets of exercise can have a great affect overtime.