The Road to Success: What It Takes to Raise a Successful Soccer Athlete

The goal of becoming a successful athlete is a long and hard journey for not only the athlete but also for the parents. There are many factors that play a role in developing players that will be able to compete at high levels. In order for your child to be able to perform at such levels, it definitely begins at home.

They say to train them while they’re young and that is a contributing factor to the success of your athlete, especially in the world of soccer. Soccer is a game that has a strong focus on a player’s physical condition as well as their actual soccer skills. Soccer is one of the few sports that requires a necessary strength of physical fitness and a mental understanding of sport-specific skills.

In acquiring these sports specific skills, your athlete will also acquire injuries. Injuries are common among soccer athletes whether they’re kids, teens, or adults but it comes with the territory of sports, and as a parent, all you can really do is play it by ear as far as the next steps depending on the severity of the injury. But if your child is like any other hungry soccer athlete, they’re not going to let that injury keep them from their dream of becoming a professional soccer player.

If you are the parent of a soccer athlete, and you want them to be successful, make sure you are doing these things.

Be Patient

Every kid develops at different paces and ages, and let’s not forget about the maturity levels! It can certainly be a lot to deal with as a parent, but hey… Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a star soccer player.

Being the parent of an athlete, your dream is for your child to be the star athlete. You want to see your child score the winning point of the game and brag to all the other parents, right? Well, if that moment hasn’t come for them yet, just be patient. Their time to shine will come.

Practice Makes Perfect

Having your child practice at home will teach them a work ethic that will not only help them all season long, but it will also help them for years to come in their soccer career. This aspect can be a little difficult for athletes because you have to compete with video games.

Now, not all athletes are into video games, but you will at some point have to compete with some type of distraction! In order for them to really make a learned skill become a permanent skill, they need to practice every day for at least 20-30 minutes.

Your child needs to come to every training in game mode, ready to give it 110%. When athletes put in 110% during their practice, they typically will perform at 150%. You have to instill in them that they have to practice like they’re actually playing in a real tournament.

Invest in Their Soccer Career

If you can see that your child truly has a talented skill set in the world of soccer, then you really need to invest in their soccer career with enrollment to a high-performance soccer academy. This type of academy is truly for the gifted… it’s definitely not one of those scenarios where everyone gets a trophy!

Your child will receive a world-class education and engage in an intensive soccer training program. As a parent, this will certainly take sacrifice, but when you know your child has that “wow” factor, what justice would you be serving your child or their talent by not investing in it.

Teach Them Discipline

The saying goes “poor preparation leads to poor performance.” That statement couldn’t be any truer. If your child has a tournament, they need to be getting together everything they need the day before. It’s up to you to teach them discipline, but there will come a point where they will need to responsible for disciplining themselves… you will eventually need to let go of the reigns.

They know that soccer is physically demanding so they need to know that they have to keep themselves hydrated. They also know that they need plenty of rest, as well as a well-balanced meal… without those, they won’t be able to perform at their best.

Be Supportive

This probably goes without saying, but whether your child is the star athlete or not, you have to support your child in their efforts to perfecting their craft. You have to realize, getting out there and performing at such a high level is no easy task.


The fact that your kid can get out there and be part of a team and endure all the physically tasking requirement of soccer says a lot to their determination and drive. For that, you should be their biggest cheerleader.