The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Effects of the Internet on Mental Health

The next time you’re out, whether you’re at a restaurant or in the grocery store, look at the people inside. You’re bound to see people with their phones next to their plates and kids playing on their ipads. Some people may not see it, but technology has certainly changed our way of life as we know it, and it has definitely played a major role in our mental health… kids and adults alike.

There was a study at Duke University on mental health and technology in at-risk adolescent kids. The results were positive and negative. The study showed that on the days when the kids had more interaction with technology, they had more conduct problems and displayed more ADHD symptoms than on the days they had less interaction with technology.

Does the Internet Cause Mental Health Issues?

Many people debate that the internet is the main reason why people have certain mental health issues. Well, the internet has shaped our daily lives but is it really why people have certain mental health issues?


For those that think the internet is poison to the brain, did you know that there are psychologists that actually use the internet to treat mental health patients? This treatment method is also known as E-counseling… it’s online mental health support. This is a method that is growing in popularity more and more.


The thing with mental health and technology is how you use it. If you use it responsibly, you’ll be fine, but if not, that’s when the problems begin.

Self-Worth and Self-Confidence

We now live in an age where our self-worth and value is based on how many “likes” we get by way of social media. Studies have shown that prolonged usage of social media has been linked to depression in some patients. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have been big indicators of depression based on a few traits.


  • The number of friends someone has (typically a smaller number of friends).
  • The number of likes from posts, photos, and videos.
  • No tagged locations
  • “Happy Birthday” post from others


Overly Self-Loving

Now, the use of social media not only has a negative effect on our mental health by the lack of attention from others, but it can also play negatively in the aspect of using these platforms too much making people display characteristics of narcissism.


The people who are on the borderline of narcissistic are the people who are on there telling everyone what they’re doing during all parts of the day. These are the people who typically do have a lot of likes on photos, videos, and posts, and are always “checking in” somewhere.


There are several things that affect our moods on a daily basis. Family life, work, traffic, and even food! All these aspects have positive and negative effects on our moods, but for the negative effects on their mood, people need some type of release to put them in a better mood.

Social Media

The use of social media can definitely take a toll on people’s self-confidence and self-esteem in a negative way, but social media can actually have a positive effect on someone’s mood. Whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, you can always find something on there as a mood booster.


From the videos of babies tasting lemons for the first time to the videos of dogs scared of their own shadow, not everyone has terrible experiences with social media and do resort to those platforms as a mood booster.

The World of Gaming

The online world of gaming has proven results in online gaming for at least 30 minutes per day can help alleviate depression and anxiety. With gaming being an outlet for mood-boosting, avid gamers even go all out adding to their gaming experience.


Convenience and comfort is the key here. If gaming is your outlet for a boost in mood, then you’ll definitely need a headset and a gaming mouse. You’ll want a gaming mouse for competitive play and a headset for multiple players. For some people, this is the ultimate setup for a great mood!

Shopping from the Comfort of Home

Retail therapy is what a lot of people call this, but whenever people have had a bad day, they tend to buy themselves something and it makes them feel better. The great thing about shopping now is that you don’t have to leave your home… you can do it all from bed! From groceries to clothes, you can get whatever you want or need with just the tap and swipe of your phone!