The best way to pick out a sofa bed (25 Examples)

Turn any room into either a living room or a bedroom by using a sofa bed. Given a sofa bed serves both the purposes of being used either as a bed or a sofa, it is good to choose the type that can give you the desired comfort. A good sofa bed should be comfortable for use in the day as a seat and be comfortable as well when used as a bed in the night. This article is packed with creative ideas that you can use as a guide on the best way to pick out a sofa bed.

The metal or wooden futon: Futons are bedding that are styled in Japanese fashion and are made up of a bed cover, padded mattresses that are pliable. This makes it easier to store when you are not using them. The western version of this has a metallic or wooden frame that makes it possible to be used as a sofa too. When buying this do check whether the mattress needs to be stored separately or is part of the couch. The flaw in this is that it may look odd at times to have only this as a sofa. But on the other hand you can keep changing the cover to change the look.

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Corner Sofa Beds: These are built along a right angle which means they fit snugly into the corner of a room. The way they are designed makes it easier to seat more people in a comfortable fashion. Plus these type of sofas make things interesting visually speaking. Most of the times the frames are made of metal that lets you convert it into a bed.  But the thing about this type of sofa bed is that they may not fit into all kinds of rooms and will allow for lesser flexibility.

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The ‘Metal Action’ Sofa Bed: This sort of sofa comes with a structure that makes a bed when you pull out the frame from the sofa. The same way the bed can be tucked back to make a sofa when people are not sleeping on it. The benefit of this is that it looks like a perfectly normal sofa when not being used as a bed.  But the catch in this is that sometimes due to the complex metal frame things may get stuck or the bed may be a little uneven when you do not buy the best quality.

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The Basic Foam Pull Out Sofa Bed: This is the kind of sofa that can be easily pulled out and the top part of the foam on the sofa can be hauled to the pulled out portion to make up the bed. The reverse can be done to make up a sofa while not in use. This one also looks cute and compact. One of the drawbacks is that the top foam cushion could slip away when people are seated. Another flaw could be the height which can be pretty low making it uncomfortable for older people to sleep on.

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You can see that different types of sofa beds have their own advantages and flaws. You need to zero in one that works with your space, your preference, your budget and the level of comfort you are seeking for. Do consult with others at home to get their feedback and factor in the overall décor of your home while picking one.

Once you have done that you can find various means of finding the right one at a price that is attractive. Do keep watching for special sales and even online sites that will let you have things at good rates. Make sure you do research the quality of the product you are ultimately buying to ensure that it lasts long and is quite comfortable. Some other ideas for picking out Sofa Beds:

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