The Benefits Of CBD Treats For Cats And What It Is Made Of

Cats sometimes make the cutest gestures when they want to be cuddled with. Many pet owners prefer to take care of cats out of all other animals since they only require low-maintenance. Cats are easy to take care of – give them a cozy place to stay in your home, give them a litter box to throw their poops with, give them water, food, and a toy.

These types of animals have a smart ass. They can be independent in looking for food as they are in a family of natural hunters, plus they make your place mice-free! Research shows, as seen on this website (, that there are factors that depict domestic cats to have personalities that can be broken down into:

  • Extraversion – The traits included are vigilant, curious, smart, inventive, active, and inquisitive.
  • Impulsiveness – These traits are such as recklessness and erraticism.
  • Agreeableness – These are traits that include gentleness, friendliness to other people, and affectionateness.
  • Dominance – These traits show dominance to other feline cats and show that bullying of other kinds of animals is evident in this factor.
  • Neuroticism – This factor shows shyness, fearfulness to people, insecurities, suspiciousness, and anxiousness.

Above all the factors stated above, cats will always remain the most adorable and functioning animals, next to or equal to dogs. Cat-parents or even pet-owners can relate to why you should have a pet at home. Thus, they are stress relievers and fun companions.

Would I Go To Jail If I Was Caught Using CBD?

On the question for the legality, the use of cannabidiol has become legal since the passing of the 2018 United States Farm Bill, or otherwise known as Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 that was signed by President Trump as an act to make it law has improved many aspects in terms of Food Nutrition. While the bill focused on the provisions of Food Nutrition and Assistance programs, the government-funded millions of dollars to further improve research about it.

The bill also included the legality of the usage of CBD extracts from a hemp plant. Hemp, like marijuana, came from the same family of Cannabis Sativa – but both are raised differently in terms of cultivation and uses.

What Is CBD? Will It Make Me Or My Cat High?

While many of you ask what is CBD (also known as Cannabidiol), it is an element found in hundreds of it in a Cannabis Sativa. CBD is not addicting and harmful to the body as it has an anti-psychoactive ingredient which does not cause a person to become high when being consumed. Bear this in mind that Cannabidiol is just one of the hundreds of elements that can be found in a cannabis plant.

If you’re curious about elements that can also be found in the marijuana plant that makes the person consuming it actively high, the element is called THC which stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol. This element is the cousin of Cannabidiol and is the complete opposite of it. People using this will get a euphoric feeling because it has a psychoactive ingredient included in it.

Mind these, CBD that came from industrial hemp are only the ones that are legal to use and are to circulate in the market. Other than hemp, it voids the legality of the law. Also, the law requires only a 0.3% or less of THC that a Cannabidiol-based product should contain, click here to view more about it. It is good to have proper knowledge of these facts.

Breaking Down CBD Benefits For Your Cats

There are now many benefits Cannabidiol can offer to mankind and animals as well. Many industries are also booming because they are innovating products that can be induced with CBD and can now be beneficial for all. As I stated above, the government-funded millions on the research of Cannabidiol to find out more of its capabilities and uses. Listed below are the benefits you and your cat can get from a CBD-based product:

  • Alleviates pain in hopefully, all forms – It may sound promising as all people and animals experience pain. This element can make your cat’s arthritis problems disappear. Research shows that cats aging from six years and above can acquire arthritis and other pain old animals can have. CBD is known to pack anti-inflammatory properties that can mitigate the spread of further inflammation feeling.
  • Can improve or changes the moods of your cats Cats are like humans as well, they also have an attitude problem in them. While moods are being triggered by what we feel at the moment, or also known as our friend – stress. The reality is that stress manipulates what we think and what we want to say to other people, the same as cats. Cannabidiol shows that it could have a calming effect on brains and can regulate good hormone production.
  • Could be of help to stimulate the appetite We can say, other cats are picky food eaters, that’s why it becomes harder for other pet-owners to feed their fur-babies. Doctors find that Cannabidiol has a property that eliminates the stress-level of cats towards their eating habits. Always remember, eating is a way to acquire nutrition and vitamins for their bodies as well.

There are a lot of articles you can find circulating on the internet as these are just three points out of many results that are celebrated about CBD.