42 Ideas for the Perfect Rustic Bathroom Design

Many home owners often spend sufficient time in designing all the other rooms in the house but in most cases forget about the bathroom. This is due to the fact that very little time is spent in the bathroom when compared to other rooms in the house. However investing some time and ideas towards improving your bathroom can in a great way impact on your general feeling and comfort especially when using the bathroom. Below are  ideas for the perfect rustic bathroom giving you insight on some of the ways you can take advantage of and implement for a more classy and comfortable bathroom.

Don’t Neglect your Bathroom!

Bathroom décor is more important than you realize. The bathroom is one of the first rooms you’ll go into every morning, where you’ll prepare yourself to greet the day. It’s also one of the last rooms you’ll visit at night, as you wind down and prepare yourself for rest. It’s where you’re meant to pamper and take care of yourself. Considering how the atmosphere of a bathroom can help set the tone for both your day and your night, it should be someplace you find inviting and pleasant.

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Why Rustic?

Modern bathrooms can be very attractive, but the atmosphere created by all that hard tile and glass is something cold and sterile. This look is just not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people prefer to start off and end the day in a bathroom that exudes more charm and warmth than sleek, polished surfaces ever could. If you are looking for a bathroom that makes you feel cozy and comfortable, consider rustic bathroom décor.

Use Natural Materials

When considering the design of your rustic bathroom, start with your canvas—your floors and walls (including the “5th wall”—the ceiling). Natural materials such as unpolished, rough-cut stone, exposed brick or distressed wood are good options to consider. Bringing nature indoors always helps create a natural, calming atmosphere.

Pick a Paint Treatment

If you have existing walls and want to paint them, use a paint technique such as rag rolling, sponging or crackle painting to bring about that weathered look. You don’t want your walls to look too clean and perfect. In a rustic style bathroom, it’s the imperfections that lend interest and beauty to the room.

Bring In Windows

In keeping with the natural, low-key theme of your bathroom, the more natural lighting you can bring in, the better. Large windows or even a skylight will help to bring the warm glow of the sun into the room.

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Add Large Mirrors

Mirrors will help bounce the natural light around. If your bathroom is on the small side, large mirrors will also help create an illusion of spaciousness.

Picking a Fixture

Good vanity lighting in a bathroom is a must for grooming and other tasks. Old-fashioned lantern-style sconces will help fit the theme and keep the look casual. An over-shower light is also essential, and most convenient when recessed into the ceiling.

Install a Dimmer

A dimmer is easy to install, and puts ambient lighting at the touch of your fingertips for those leisurely baths. By layering the lighting this way, you’ll help create various levels of brightness suited to your needs at any given time.

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Choose a Creative Vanity

Think creatively about your rustic bathroom vanity—consider converting an old dresser or cabinet into a vanity to keep with that rustic hominess. A wooden piece that looks as though it were bought from a farmhouse ages ago, distressed and weathered with antique fixtures, can make quite a show piece.

The Beauty of Natural Countertops

Alternatively, a large slab of soapstone, cement or heavy oil-rubbed wood will also serve as an ideal rustic vanity.

Nix the Cabinetry

Leave open shelving below and stack wicker baskets there for storage. This helps keep with an open and casual atmosphere.

Frame the Mirror

Instead of mounting your mirror, frame it. Use a natural wood with knots and knicks, or a frame of cast iron that looks like a flea market find. This will add character to the mirror, and by extension, to the bathroom décor.

Get a Basin

A basin-style bowl sink placed atop the vanity is elegant yet simple. These types of sinks that appear to sit atop the counter come in a number of different styles and shapes these days, so look for one that has a rustic look.

Think Big Sink

If you prefer more room to splash around, a farmhouse-style sink will provide space and style.

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Creative Sink Options

You can get creative with your sink choices, such as converting an old metal washtub into a sink. Converting things to bring about a makeshift look always compliments rustic décor.

Seek a Claw Foot

Claw-footed tubs are reminiscent of a time gone by. You can often find them in antique shops, salvage yards and estate sales. You don’t have to browse antique shops for heavy cast iron tubs. Modern manufacturers are replicating the old-fashioned style with newer, more lightweight materials.

Slip Into this Tub

For something more country, consider an antique copper slipper-style tub. These old tubs were common on farmhouse for country-bent rustic décor.

Get Something New and Spectacular

Remember—rustic doesn’t necessarily have to mean your bathroom looks like it’s in a 19th century farmhouse. If you want something that’s a bit more modern, yet keeping with the rustic theme, you can purchase free-standing wooden bathtubs. The wood is charmingly rustic, yet the tub is chic and contemporary.

Focus on Fixtures

It’s the imperfections that make rustic bathroom décor style work. When shopping for plumbing fixtures, avoid shiny, polished stainless steel and aluminum. Instead, opt for brushed nickel, copper or blackened brass. A goose-neck faucet and double-cross handles are a great look.

Finishing Touches

The difference between nice bathroom decor and a spectacular bathroom decor is in the details. Finishing touches are what really ties any look together, and this is especially true when going for a rustic style bathroom.

Add some Furniture

If you have the space, add furniture. A chiffarobe is ideal for storing towels and supplies. An apothecary table looks beautiful, and it’s a clever way to organize make up and jewelry. A cushioned wicker chair is a nice touch for sitting down to polish toenails or apply lotion.

Convert Something

Furniture can really make a statement in bathroom décor when used in an unexpected way. For example, an old ladder (paint splatters and all, if you wish) can be converted into a multi-tiered towel rack. convert a roll-top desk into a vanity desk by adding a pedestal mirror and light. The most cherished pieces in rustic décor are often creative inventions that came from thinking outside the box.

It’s All in the Details

Don’t forget to hit the attic or the thrift shops for some finishing touches. Grandma’s old vase for a toothbrush holder, some mason jars to hold cotton balls and Q-tips, folk art or burned wood signs on the bathroom walls, and voila! Your look will be complete.