25 Amazing Round Beds For Your Bedroom

Round beds are not only comfortable but comes with an incredible magnetism that makes one forget of ever using a rectangular bed. You can swing on any side without having to worry of falling down. A circle is a symbol of peace and harmony and with a circular bed in the bedroom it creates such a level of harmony and elegance in the bedroom. Take advantage of the amazing round bed iseas for your kind of bedrrom

These higher quality items, typically cost more than your typical bed and often come with unique headboard options included in the round bed structure. If you’re looking for away to spice up your bedroom with a more contemporary feel you should check out the different round bed options available for purchase. In fact check out this list of the top round beds on the market.

The Venetian Leather Round Curvy Bed

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Costing over $2,000 this classy, expansive round bed will be the envy of all of your friends. The Venetian Leather Round Bed boasts a contemporary modern design that is wrapped in high quality white leather, which can easily compliment any home design or decor. Even better is the fact that this leather is eco-friendly material complimented with intricate stitching. In addition to its beautiful design the Venetian Leather Round bed also boasts a beautiful upward curving headboard for a modern edge. For a artistic edge this round bed’s support legs are made in the Fleur De Lis design.

The Historie Round Rotating Bedroom Set

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This bed is the creme de la creme of round beds. The Historie Round bed is an Italian made round bed that will cost you at least $5,000. However, this bed because of its exceptional quality and design is worth every penny. The Historie can rotate a full 360 degrees allowing for enjoyment of every review of your bedroom. This high quality rotating bed comes with a rich espresso gloss finish. Other details include a high quality upholstered headboard, a storage unit at the back of the bed, as well as a natural wood veneer structure. This round bed also has nightstand stops and headboard shelves with light spots.

The Plato Round Bed


Ranging from $2,000-3,000 this round bed is not only beautiful and modern, but it also boasts impressive storage space. The Plato Round bed has a high quality leatherette headboard, and dark brown wooden stand for the round mattress. Even better is the fact that the Plato Round Bed has four drawers, two on each side that you can store clothing, books, bedding or whatever you want! Because of these drawers and the complete design of the Plato Round bed, this bed is perfect for placement in one of the four corners in your bedroom

The Royal Round Bed

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Costing a little more than $2,000 the Royal Round Bed boasts a vibrant design that can add color and touch of modernity to any bedroom. Made out of the highest quality hardwood and Avanti leather this round bed structure is designed to accommodate a variety of mattress sizes. Importantly this round bed comes in a assortment of colors including black, red and white, just to name a few. This round bed is unique for its more narrow, high headboard that is perfect for tv watching and lounging in bed.


The King Modern Circle Design Round Bed

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The King Modern Circle is an all white round bed that boasts an impressively tall headboard with wide quilt-like stitching. This contemporary round bed has buttery soft leather, along with two nightstands that swivel for optimal light. The King Modern Circle Design bed also has an intricate headboard with sharp details along with flowy curves at the base of the board creating an extremely modern and expansive finish. The platform of this round bed is made out of high quality eco-friendly leather. This bed is soo impressive that it won the 2010 Milan award for best bed design.

The Red Heart Round Bed

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This bed is only for lovers! The Red Heart bed has a beautiful, playful round bed design, that typically comes in bright or blood red. Made out of genuine leather the outer edges of the bed curve upward completely engulfing the mattress that lays within it. The Red Heart bed gets its name from the fact that the headboard of this bed, is made out of two cushions that connect together in order to form the top portion of a heart. Importantly, the options for purchasing such a bed are the most affordable on this list. You should definitely be able to purchase your own Red Heart bed for less than $1,000.

The Villa King Size Round Bed

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This luxurious round bed costs over $1,000 and offers an amazing simplistic round bed. The frame of this bed is made out of solid wood and the headboard is made out of premium top quality cattle leather. It is the bed frame of the Villa King Size Round bed that makes it unique. This is because while the exterior of the round bed is a smooth black polished finish, the interior of the round bed is a crisp white. In fact the frame of the bed is actually quite short keeping one close to the ground. The frame can also accommodate both circular and rectangular mattresses.

The Aiden Black Round Bed


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Costing over $3,000 this black modern round bed is a treasure find. In fact there is a night stand built into each side of the bed that can easily be retracted. Other perks of this round bed include a heavily padded headboard and extremely convenient storage drawers. Essentially, this round bed offers you a complete bed set package all in one. The functionality of this bed along with its sleek all black design makes the Aiden Black Round Bed a must have!

As we’ve shown there are a lot of high quality, stylish and modern round beds available on the market. Whether your going for a little flare, or sexy black, there is sure to be a round bed for every person. The styles available come in all colors and even offer impressive drawers and other storage space.

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