35 Inspirational Purple Bedroom Design Ideas

The aspect of colour is quite vital when it comes to applying decor in the bedrooms as colour does not only enhance the visual appeal but also influences the feelings and mood in the bedroom. Colour purple is normally cool and has an element of royalty so having a purple bedroom colour design is cool and elegant. Below are some of the purple bedroom design ideas that you can incorporate for a more appealing bedroom.

The Purple Palace Bedroom Design

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This Purple Palace bedroom design does its name justice by being befitting for a queen. With its high canopied bed with quilted silky lavender headboard, the Purple Palace is definitely for the opulent lifestyle. Most importantly this room is covered head to toe in various shades of purple. However, what’s significant about this design are the various textures at work within the Purple Palace. This includes a purple carpet made out of velvet, as well as matching purple bedspreads and silk curtains. The purple chaise lounge adds an additional touch of elegance and majesty.

The Purple Flower Power Bedroom Design

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This purple bedroom design is perfect for the flower enthusiast. The bedroom provided above is a perfect example of the Purple Flower Power bedroom design. This style revolves around choosing works of arts that depict purple flowers, as well as having real and artificial flowers in vases placed throughout the bedroom. To keep up with the purple theme you should pick additional and varying shades of purple for the bedding, walls and carpet for the extra color pop.

The Simplistic Purple Bedroom Design

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This classic design uses a minimalist approach to bedroom design. Instead of covering the entire bedroom in purple, this style uses purple as an accent color that makes the whole room pop. This is done by using soft colors such as white, pearl or pink on the walls. And darker more solid colors such as black for the furniture and the carpet. The effect is a minimalist bedroom design that allows the purple to truly pop and reach its full vibrant potential.

The Mature Purple Bedroom Design



This bedroom design employs a dark purple with blue undertones in order to create a magnificent bedroom. The color scheme employed creates a more masculine ambiance than other bedrooms on this list. The purple color scheme matched with the black design contained on the walls, bedding and carpet creates a consistent design that permeates throughout the entire bedroom. The use of the same design for all of the furniture, walls and carpet, along with simple black accents create a consistent image and style for this impressive dark purple bedroom.

The Purple Wall Bedroom Design

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This bedroom design is perfect for those looking for a traditional bedroom design that still incorporates the color purple. The purple wall bedroom design requires you to pick your favorite shade of purple and then paint just one wall that color. From there you can go with a neutral palette such as black and/or white for the rest of the room. A great tip for this design is to also selectively choose furniture and pieces that are the exact same shade as the one painted purple wall. This will serve to make the purple wall standout against the calmer features of the rest of the bedroom.

The Modern Purple Bedroom

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This purple bedroom uses avant garde modern designs to create an exceptional bedroom design. The main basis of the use of the purple extends from the entire bedding all the way up the geometric canopy that reaches to the ceiling and then extends halfway over the bed. This canopy also extends left to right and provides a shelf for books and other bedroom items. This complex bed frame and canopy is painted in a rich lavender and is allowed to be the main accent piece in the room. The rest of the room is designed in minimalist fashion with a simple hardwood floor covered with a plush rug and complemented by a two simple white bed stands.

The Purple Victorian Bedroom Design

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Purple has always been the color of royalty. Thus, this purple Victorian bedroom design is perfect for those looking for a regal bedroom design. The classic full poster bed and the chandelier hanging over the bed both provide classic Victorian elegance. This plus the plush white carpet and velvet purple bedspreads make it obvious that who ever lives in this bedroom is definitely royalty.

The Purple Dream Bedroom Design

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purple toille bedroom

Allow yourself to drift away into the sky while enjoying this beautiful Purple Dream Bedroom design. The effect of the purple wallpaper design creates an ethereal quality, that along with the flowing purple silk curtains, creates a relaxing and soothing effect within the bedroom. The relaxing and calming nature of this bedroom design is assisted by the use of white and other neutral colors in the bedroom.

The Purple Round Bed Design

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This bedroom design revolves around the purple round bed. In this case the purple round bed is the focus of the entire room and the accompanying colors of the carpet and curtains are used to help make the bed standout. Furthermore, the placement of the purple round bed at the back and middle of the bedroom, creates an increased sense of space in the room. Importantly ,many round beds are great for small bedrooms because they typically contain extra drawers and storage space that are stored under the bed.

The purpose of this list of amazing purple bedroom designs is to help provide you with inspiration for your next bedroom renovation. Either you can go for bold purple prints and colors, or go for soft lavender and purple accents. Regardless, of what you decide this list of inspiring purple bedroom design ideas is definitely a great starting point for designing the purple bedroom of your dreams.