Pole Saw: The String Trimmer Family

Manicuring your lawn is a very important step to it’s daily upkeep. For those that have trees and shrubs in high places keeping them trimmed and cut can be a very taxing experience. You might have to climb up some a ladder and hang dangerously over your home. This can lead to a possible mishap or injury that could be avoided with a Pole Saw. This piece of equipment is the perfect tool for a homeowner that is serious about the upkeep of their home. This article will help you better understand the use of pole saws and other trimmers.


Pole Saw: What does a Pole Saw do?

A pole saw is an weed whacker with a long flexible blade for cutting leaves and grass. The shaft has a handle on it that can be extended to cut tall trees and high shrubs. The string trimmer could be gas powered or electrically driven. The pole saw was invented by George Ballas who got the idea from the way a brushes clean cars at an automatic car wash. These trimmers work on the theory that as string spins faster, its inertia will stiffen it causing it to whack weeds with ease.  When the shape of the string trimmer heads is altered the spin(and thus force)of the line can be increased dramatically.

Pole Saw: Incredible device

What is incredible about the string trimmer is that it can cut low shrubs or very tall trees with ease. The trimmers can be used to cut horizontally and vertically by a simple twist of the users wrist. Vertical trimming around the sidewalk is not recommended because it leaves grooves in the lawn for water to collect. As water collects the surrounding area can be damaged by it. The string trimmer has the ability to accessorize and attach other parts to it for different jobs.

Pole Saw: Accessories

The accessories available for a standard trimmer include a replacement for the monofilament line with metal or plastic cutters. The lower shaft of the trimmer can be replaced with a saw to create a more powerful pole saw. It also can be replaced with a hedge trimmer to even up bushes and square of hard to reach places. Gasoline trimmers usually generate more torque (power) , but are often more expensive because of the cost of gas.

Pole Saw: The Best In the Business

  • The Remington 8 is an top of the line pole saw with all the best features of any in its class. This electric pole saw can cut limbs up to 15 feet when extended. It is completely made up of aluminum and fiberglass, so that this product never rust and is hard to break.
  • The Earth wise 6 is another great pole saw that offers a 10 foot extension from the ground. Since the pole is retractable it is easy to store in a small cabinet or garage. It can cut branches seven to eight inches across. The system self lubricates which keeps the chain aligned so it never slips. What makes this pole saw amazing is its ability to rotate the head into whatever position you want it.
  • The McCulloch is an extremely powerful saw that allows you to use the chain at the end of the pole or up close and personal. This saw has a chain catcher accessory that keeps chains from running off course. The pole is made from fiberglass, so it is rust resistant and light weight.
  • The Black and Decker Cordless Pole comes in two voltages(18 and 20). These poles tend to be heavier than the other models which can prove to be a hindrance especially when cutting high branches. Though it is heavier than other types of pole saws it is also more powerful than the rest as well. Also since it is a electrical saw it can be charged up saving you more money, than an gas powered saw.
  • Finally, the Poulan 9 is a Swedish designed pole saw that can clear twigs and oblong branches easily. The Pole is on the short side(with only a 9 foot reach), but it still powerful enough to get any job done. A benefit to its design is its weight which is only 10 pounds.

When it comes to Pole saws its all about knowing what type of job you need done. A great pole saw can extend to cut tree branches down as well as maintain it’s sturdiness and shape. With the right pole saw you can keep your garden looking its best and become the envy of all your neighbors.