10 Example Of Perennial Plants For Garden

Human beings have a great connection with nature as it has quite a calming and soothing effect. Having an easy to grow and well kept perennial garden provides an all round environment of beautiful plants.  It is for this reason that people keep few plants in their houses or in the gardens around their houses that bloom nearly nonstop so that they can enjoy their beauty throughout the year. Such perennial plants are vibrant and creates life in the dull corners of the house making the house quite bright and full of life.

Only keeping plants is not the remedy, one should have knowledge about plants so that one may differentiate between perennial plants and others. When maintained properly, perennial plants bloom all the time during all the seasons. Through this post, we are introducing you to some perennial plants that can add up to the beauty of your house and make it vibrant and live.


This beautiful flower is sometimes confused with a very similar looking flower, daisy. Being available in three different colours- lavender, pink and white, these flowers complement the beauty of your house very efficiently. The different varieties of this plant are:

  • A cordifolius ‘Cape Cod’ (Sunset climate zones 1-10, 14-21)
  • A.c.’Little Carlow’(zones 1-10,14-21)
  • A. Novi-belgii ‘Melody’(zones 1-24)


This beautiful plant has 2 to 4 inch wide flowers. The speciality of the flowers is their deep golden petals radiating from the chocolate centres. These plants extend up to the height of 3 to 4 feet and width of about 1.5 feet. Whereas some varieties are so short that their maximum height is only 10 inches. ‘Goldilocks’ and ‘Toto”  are the examples of such variety.


This plant possesses very beautiful flowers on the top of tall stems. The flowers are fluffy and golden yellow in colour. A very famous variety of this plant is known as ‘Sunray’. This variety is very dense and compact selection and possesses double and semi-double flowers. Suitable conditions are zones 2-24, H1, H2.



It is one of the most amazing and attractive plants ever. Having their existence from the tuberous roots, this plant possesses bold blooms and that too in a wide range of vibrant colours. The most common variety is that of pink and coral decorative dahlias. Another very amazing variety I know is red-and-yellow, cactus flowered variety that grows suitably in zones 1-24, and provides light shades in hot areas.



This species is nothing else but daisy flowers that are rosy purple in colour and possesses knobby orange-brown centres. Their outlook resembles small beehives. Also a very noticeable aspect is atop clumps of bristly oblong leaves. The height of the plant extends up to 4 feet and the suitable conditions are zones A2, A3, 1-24



This attractive airy plant grows up to a height of 2 ½ to 4 feet. The white flowers blooming on this plant cluster like butterflies atop tall spikes. Different varieties include:

  • Siskiyou Pink, which is approximately 2 feet tall and has rose-pink flowers.
  • Whirling Butterflies, which is about 3 feet tall and possess white coloured flowers.


This beautiful plant has feathery, rose-coloured plumes that fade to beige atop clumps of reddish brown foliage. The most suitable climate to grow this plant is cold climate, in which it is grown annually. It looks fabulous when grown beside gloriosa daisies or purple cone flowers. The most suitable zones are 8-24.



With a growth up to the height of 2 feet, this plant possesses deep yellow flowers that grow in tight clusters. The best part about this plant is that it is one of the most generous bloomers and do not require much care. The combination of moonshine yarrow with blue flowered cat-mint is commendable.



Being a bushy plant, it has a very short life span. But this factor is well consoled with the high production of lots of trumpet-shaped blooms over a long period.

Very popular variety of this plant is deep purple ‘Midnight’ and scarlet ‘Fire-bird’. The main point of attraction is their vivid, south of the border colours. They look best, fresh and spring-like in pink and white apple blossom colours.