Learn How To Train A Dog – The Three Basic Commands

I have no doubt that you simply adore your four-legged friends. The minute you lay your eyes on them, you fell in love, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. Dogs are known as men’s best friends, but people are also great friends to their dogs. We love them, we take care of them and we can’t even picture our lives without them anymore.

Still, they have the extraordinary ability to annoy us sometimes. You could call this being annoyed by cuteness, but the truth is that it stops being cute after some time. I’m talking about stuff like jumping on you to greet you, chewing and barking to get attention and similar little innocent, yet hard to deal with tendencies. Okay, okay, this definitely never stops being cute. But, it can be difficult to put up with these behaviors sometimes.

This is especially correct if you have a larger canine. Their tendency to disobey you coupled with their quirkiness and energy can sometimes even get you in trouble. Just imagine going for a walk with a dog that won’t stop jumping on you, or walking in circles around you, or running off into the distance when you take the leash off. Admit it, you would stop walking a dog like this altogether.

The Best Dog That Can Be

It is true that you need to be the best owner you can be for your furry friend, and nobody can deny that. In fact, getting regular tips from Pet Dog Pals will definitely help you achieve that goal. However, it is also true that your canine needs to be the best pet it can be to you. And that also means that it will have to listen to you and obey you at certain points, no matter how that word sounds to you.

It’s just the way it is and the way it has always been. Dogs are smart creatures, but you need to give them a little push into the right direction if you want them to be your friend, rather than your enemy, if involuntarily. The thing is, if you get this pet as a little puppy, everything it will know during its whole lifetime will be the things that it has learned from you. So, make sure to teach them all the right things.

When it comes to training and teaching your canine, there are some basic commands that you need to keep in mind. Most people tend to take classes for this. But, the truth is – these basic things are pretty easily taught and if you put in a small effort, you will definitely have no problems with making your flea bag listen to you. However, if you don’t feel comfortable enough and don’t know what to do exactly, you should definitely research the topic extensively. If the research doesn’t help you – then do take a class.

Rewards Method

Now, it is important to understand that there are various techniques you can implement in the process of training your canine. If you ask around, you will get all kinds of different tips. Some will say that you need to use a “firm hand” when your dog is misbehaving. Others will argue that punishing them should never be an option. If you ask me, I’m all for the reward option, and here’s why.

Your dog perceives any action aimed towards them as attention. So, let’s say it starts barking excessively. You start yelling at the animal and it comes across as a signal of attention. And what happens? Instead of stopping, your pet continues to bark, because it recognizes your attention and sees it as a sign of reinforcement.

If you want it to stop, the best thing to do is ignore the behavior. Therefore, the rewards method is based on two simple principles. You should reward the actions that you like and make sure that those you don’t like aren’t rewarded. No punishment whatsoever is necessary. With that in mind, I will now give you a few tips on how to teach your doggie the basic commands.

First, learn why it is important to train your canine in the first place: https://kb.rspca.org.au/knowledge-base/is-it-important-to-train-my-dog-what-sort-of-training-would-you-recommend/


This is definitely the easiest command, as well as the first one you should teach your furry companion. Start by holding a treat close to your doggie’s nose, so that it can sniff it. Start moving your hand up, at which point your canine friend will also start moving its head towards the treat, which will cause its bottom to lower. Once the canine is in sitting position, say the word “sit” and if it stays that way, let it have the treat. You should repeat this process until the animal has learned to react on the word “sit” even when there is no treat it can see or smell.


Once your pooch has mastered the sitting command, it’s time to teach it how to stay. First, tell the animal to sit. After that, open the palm of your hand and say the word “stay”, after which you should take a couple of steps back. If the pup stays, give it a treat. Make sure to gradually increase the number of steps you take and always reward the dog, even if it stays for only a couple of seconds.


This one is important for your canine’s own safety in the first place. It comes in handy if it gets off the leash, or runs out a door that was left open. You need a leash and a collar for this command. After you put the leash and the collar, you should get down on your dog’s level, say the word “come”, and gently pull the leash towards you. If the dog comes to you, don’t forget to reward it.

Of course, there are a lot of other commands you should gradually incorporate. However, these are the three most basic ones which will definitely help you whenever you are engaging in an activity with your little companion. After your pet has mastered these, you should think of adding some more complicated ones. Remember, learning takes time, so be patient.