32 Laundry Room Décor Ideas

Give your laundry room a fresh face lift by taking advantage of the vibrant colour palletes  capable of enhancing the room’s outlook and other creative interior decor ideas. The kind of activities taking place in the laundry room are likely to dampen the overall outlook of the laundry room and it is vital make use of the laundry room decor ideas for for a more modern laundry room.

Make It Something You Love

Make it cheerful and attractive as you would every other room in the house. It will be a much more pleasant place to spend your time in there when you have to do that tedious chore.

Let the Sun Shine In

Natural light can really brighten up the place, so if you have a window in there use sheers on it, or hang micro blinds you can open. This will let the sun shine in.

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Go Light and Bright

Paint the laundry room a light color, hang light colored wallpaper or install light tiles on the walls. Light colors make a room feel more open and airy, and really bounce the light around.

Use Water Resistant Materials

There can be a lot of temperature fluctuation and moisture in a laundry room, so use durable, water-resistant materials. Waterproof wallpaper, glazed tiles or paper or exterior semi-gloss paints will make your décor stand up to anything.

Add Decorative Touches

Add some decorative touches– a plant, transfer your soap flakes into cute cookie jars or put some artwork on the walls.

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Reach New Heights

Make use of vertical space when planning your laundry room decor. This is especially important in small rooms. Make every square inch count! Some ways to utilize vertical space is to get a stackable washer/dryer unit, install overhead laundry storage cabinets, or use open shelving above machines. Hanging baskets in narrow spaces or from the ceiling give you a place to hold sponges, rags, and a few products right within reach—no extra floor space required.

Use Your Ceiling

Hanging clothing racks and bars from the ceiling so they are suspended over counters and machines. This helps utilize all that space that would otherwise be wasted.

Make the Most of Every Wall

Wall hooks also make it convenient for organizing laundry bags, hangers, hats, jackets and other items until you are ready to put them away. A peg rack is a quick, space saving solution you can employ right now for just a few dollars. Another storage spot not to be overlooked is behind the door— place a retractable hanger rack over the door.

Get Under the Counters

If you have counters for folding, don’t waste the space beneath them. Baskets or shelving will provide you with a place for everything for laundry room organization.

Use Clever Cabinetry

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For laundry room cabinets, don’t just get standard kitchen cabinets—get cabinetry that’s better suited for the room’s function. First, start with bi-fold doors or shutters easy access. Get wide-spaced shelves for holding tall containers or stacks of folded linens and clothes. If you have a corner cabinet, a lazy Susan makes it easier to find your cleaning products.

Nix the Shelves

For under-cabinet storage, don’t install shelves. Leave the space open so you can put your tall laundry basket and garbage pails inside. With the door closed, it keeps the laundry room from looking cluttered and messy.

Increase Counter Space

Counter space for folding and sorting can be an issue in a small laundry room. One option is — if you’re not getting a stackable washer/dryer unit – get lower units so that you can install a countertop above the machines.

Go With Convertibles

Use drop-down counters that mount on the wall. When you want them out of the way, you simply fold them in. They take up no more than a couple of inches. In a narrow room this can make functional use of a long, empty wall expanse.

Install a Sink

You may not want to put a lot of money into the laundry room decor considering no one is going to see it but you. But if you can squeeze it into your budget, it pays to install a sink. A sink makes it so convenient to keep an organized laundry room, to wipe down spills or wash your hands after touching soiled garments and bleach. A sink also makes it very convenient to dye clothes, to soak items that have stains or wash off excess dirt to prevent it from clogging your machines. Make sure you get a sink with a basin that’s roomy enough to do the tasks you’ll need it for.

Make It Multi-Functional

If your laundry room is in a part of the house that’s far away from the hub of your normal activity, all that running back and forth can be a pain. If you worry about your household chores biting into your work out time, multitask in the laundry room. It’s a great place to put your treadmill, free weights or even a thigh master. When planning your laundry room décor, designate a little corner as a space for you to get some exercise done while you’re waiting for that load to finish.

Add an Office Area

Do you like to get your work done or your bills paid while the clothes are washing? Perhaps stick a small office desk in your laundry room where you can sit with your lap top.

Make a Place to Relax

Do you need time to put your feet up? A lounge chair and small side table to hold a book and cup of tea will be perfect. Mount a television set on the wall so you can catch up on your soaps or the nightly news as you fold clothes. There’s no reason you can’t make a laundry room a comfortable place to be while you’re waiting for something to get clean. Before you know it, you’ll be using the phrase “I have to go do the laundry!” as an excuse to get away from the family chaos for a little while.