Key skills for marketing professionals

Marketing is an essential part of any modern business and that’s why in the 21st century, skilled, professional marketers are in demand. A top marketer can help a company to boost its brand, its profile and its customer base. The skills that marketers use can be transferred from one organization to another and become the basis of a successful career.

Many of these skills can be learned from a high-quality marketing course. Students who sign up for Bryant & Stratton’s digital marketing program learn the key skills that they will need to succeed in a marketing career and then go on to set the agenda for the marketing industry in the years to come. So, what exactly do they learn? Well if you want to know everything, you’ll have to do Bryant & Stratton’s digital marketing degree! But to get you looking in the right direction, these are some of the core skills that every professional marketer needs to have to be successful.

Revenue focused


The best marketers understand that the essential purpose of marketing is to drive revenue, and to do that, he or she, must develop the skills necessary to translate great marketing ideas into practical measures that will boost a company’s bottom line. Marketers who have a nose for what will boost revenue rather than simply an ability to come up with quirky marketing campaigns will be more likely to succeed.

Understanding people

Marketing depends enormously on knowing the target market, and to do that, a marketer must be able to analyze a host of data. But above all, marketing is about understanding what each market wants. The ability to interact directly with people and to offer insights into the mindset of potential customers is a key part of a marketer’s skillset, and this must be combined with effective data analysis and the ability to bring all the data and insight together into one vision.

A knack for creating customer experiences

The best marketers can create memorable and unique customer experiences. The internet offers many ways for brands and customers to interact and the interactions are becoming deeper and richer. A key skill of modern marketing is therefore to use these interactions to create and curate great experiences for customer, and those marketers who can do this regularly will find they achieve dramatic results and that their skills will be in demand.


A key part of creating a great customer experience is to tell a great story. The downside of the internet is that it is crowded with voices and information and it can be hard to grab the attention of potential customers. People tend to identify with compelling stories, so the ability to come up with themes and stories that immediately resonate with target markets is a tremendous asset for any marketer.

Scrupulous testers

Too many marketers make decisions and base strategies on the back of instincts and feel, but that is an old-fashioned approach. Modern marketing resources provide us with a wealth of information and hundreds of ways to market test messages and campaigns. So, a key skill for the modern marketer is to find the best way to test an idea, and to be diligent in ensuring that they cover all the bases, leaving as little as possible to chance before launching their campaigns.

An appetite for learning

Marketing is being revolutionized rapidly thanks to developing technology and changing behavior on the part of customers. The skills and techniques you learned last year may be obsolete within a few months. A vital skill for the modern marketer is to be keen to learn. Lifelong learning is a positive and useful concept, but when it comes to marketing, it is an absolute essential. Marketers who are slow to learn or to embrace new methods will quickly fall behind their peers.

A knack for technology

Marketing is awash with data and marketing budgets are dominated by technology so marketers who are skilled at using the latest data gathering and analyzing tools will be at an advantage. You don’t need to be a software engineer, but you do need to develop a knack for understanding how new marketing data tools work, and to be a quick learner in the digital space.


There are many more skills that we could add, such as the ability to write compelling copy and a determined attitude to overcome obstacles, but these skills, if mastered can go a long way to giving you a solid foundation on which to build a marketing career.