How to Make a Rental Feel Like a Home Without Losing Your Deposit

There’s a lot of advantages which come from renting a property. However, there’s also a few downsides too. By far one of the biggest downsides to renting is having very little input into how the property is decorated. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t put your own stamp on it at all.

Here, you’ll discover how to make a rental feel like a home without losing your deposit.

Adding colour without painting the walls

Not all landlords are keen to let their tenants paint. If your contract doesn’t allow you to change the colour of the walls, don’t worry, there are ways to get around this.

You can add colour into the home without having to resort to a paint job. Think of adding bright furnishings for example, such as cushions, curtains and flowers. They’ll help you to brighten up the space and put your own personal stamp on it. All can be easily removed when you move, meaning it won’t dent your deposit at all.

Invest in homely furniture

You may not be able to change existing furniture, but you can always add your own. Freestanding furniture can help you to transform the property and make it feel a lot homelier. Think coffee tables and bookshelves. You can pick up excellent quality coffee tables through companies such as Cox & Cox, adding real character into the room.

When choosing furniture, make sure to opt for light, portable pieces which you can easily take with you. Also, be sure to protect the floor if the property has laminate or real wooden flooring. This is because moving the furniture across the floor could lead to scratches or dents which are costly to fix!

Add rugs to update the flooring

Though you may be able to get away with changing the entire flooring if you have an easy-going landlord, those who don’t can’t make such drastic changes. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t alter the look of the floor a little.

Rugs are the perfect way to add your own personality into the flooring, without risking your deposit. They’re easy to move, won’t cause any damage to the floor and if anything, they could protect it against daily wear and tear. They also come in a huge range of designs, ensuring you find something which matches your personal style.

Posters and vinyl wall stickers

If you can’t even put nails into the wall, you can decorate them with posters or vinyl stickers. The latter are especially great as they’re designed to simply peel off without damaging the walls once you’ve finished with them. They can also add a really unique, stylish look to the walls.

As you can see, there’s so many ways you can decorate a rental property without losing your deposit. You don’t always need to make such drastic changes in order to make the property feel homelier. Follow any of the tips above and see just how much of a difference it makes.