How to Combine Mom’s Traditional View with Your Modern Wedding Taste

Building equilibrium between a mother and daughter can be a challenging task especially if one has a traditional ethos and the other being in possession of contemporary thoughts. Ranging from traditions to designs and even mother of the bride dresses, you and your mother may have different beliefs for the same. It may be a difficult thing to handle when two people with different mind-sets sit down to plan the same thing, but there is always a middle way out. So if you and your mother have different ideologies for your big day preparations, here are few ways in which you can combine your mom’s traditional views with your modern thoughts and become momma’s good girl.

1. Acknowledge the Traditions:

Your mother may be old-fashioned, and she may have all the hacks to make you follow her ancient traditions. But do not try to run away from these things. If you do not like the traditional style and find it old and boring, you can you add your own festivities to it. You can repurpose it using your thoughts and bring in your family heritage into your wedding in a modernized style.

2. Dresses:

Daughters grow up being inspired by their mother’s style and fashion but being an adult may set different taste for dresses. Your mother may plan to wear a saree or a traditional dress to walk you down the aisle and you may have different rationales for the same. So what in this case? You cannot let your ideas go for waste, right? You can convince your mom to wear mother of the bride dresses tea length for the wedding and tell her to wear the traditional one for some other wedding function. In this way, you can pay respect to her wish and fulfill your desires at the same time.

3. Have Some Fun with the Fabrics:

The essence of the mixing the old and new lies in the beauty of playing the mix and match hack. The mixing of the traditional and modern views can be anything, even the fabrics, the furniture or any decorative piece that you may have planned to set up on your wedding day reception. You along with your mother can sit down and decide how you are going to play with the fabrics, chairs, tablecloths and other party staples to deck your reception venue in a Modernised traditional theme.

4. The Food Retreat:

What if your mother plans out for a traditional dine out and you have a variation in thoughts for the same? Traditional dinner with proper tables and chairs to be laid can be a boring affair for you. But again you do not need to lose your cool; you can blend it using your modern concepts. One can go in for a traditional garden dine out with some latest menu’s and cuisines to have a fun-filled modish traditional dine.

So in this way you can fuse your own thoughts and ideas with your mother’s perceptions and create some sweet moments to remember during the wedding bliss.