How to Clean Your House in a Week: PERFECTLY

Due to the busy schedules that most people have, it becomes difficult to spend time on cleaning some rooms within the house like the bathrooms, kitchen and any other room. In most cases you realize that by the end of the week the stains have really accumulated and much effort and more detergent is required for the stains to be removed. Many people may also not understand some of the best ways they can initiate in cleaning in order to achieve the desired results without having to strain so much. Here are some of the tips on how to clean your house in a week in a perfect way.

If you have resolved on cleaning out your home then you should do a thorough job and this means doing a really deep cleaning. It could be a daunting task if you have not done it for a while but we have a simple breakup of what you need to do so that you can get it done in stages over the course of a week. Once you have deep cleansed your living space, you can set up a simple schedule to do it regularly.

Here is a step by step guide on How to Clean Your House in a Week: PERFECTLY.


Day 1: How to clean out the kitchen:

We are sure that your kitchen gets a simple cleaning everyday before you go to bed, but here is step wise breakup of each appliance:

  • Refrigerator : Start from the top and remove all the contents  and components out. Clean out each level as you do so. If shelves are removable you can remove them and clean them with soap and water. Then wash out those small trays and other things that you have removed. Finish by wiping the exterior down.
  • Oven – Work carefully to wipe out all the parts and do consider using foil to line the bottom so that cleaning in the future becomes easier.
    Woman Cleaning Oven
  • Microwave: Take out the rotating plate and ring and scrub them out. Then clean the interior and exterior with a good cleaner
  • Other Small appliances : Remove any particles that may be clogging them and wipe thoroughly with a good cleaner.
  • Cupboards etc: Remove the contents and paper lining if any and then clean out with damp cloth. Wipe the exteriors of the containers before lining with new paper and placing them back.
  • Cooking Counter: Remove all the things on top and scrub well
    Hispanic woman dusting counter

Day 2: Get your bathrooms done

These can be quite irksome if you do not clean them at regular intervals. The showering area and the tub require a lot of attention:

  • Showering area and tubs: You need to focus on the shower head and then the tub can be washed with detergent to remove any stains and dirt. Clean and rinse the drains to remove hair and other things blocking it.
  • Counter and sinks: Remove stuff off the counter and wipe well with a good cleaner. Use a smaller brush to clean the taps etc
  • Toilets: Soak the toilet with a good cleaner for a while and then clean out with a brush. Add one of those self cleaning balls into the toilet cleaner.
  • Cupboards and shelves: Remove all the contents, wipe the shelves thoroughly every nook and corner  and also wipe the contents well before replacing them.

Day 3: Start on the bedrooms

If you have made sure that all unnecessary stuff has been removed then this should be easy to do.

  • Concentrate on spots underneath and behind furniture. Run the vacuum for a thorough cleaning.
  • Wipe the mirror with damp newspapers for a gleaming finish
  • Take a swipe at the bed with a dry cloth

Day 4: Clean your curtains and windows

A vacuum is very useful for doing this

  • Take out your curtains for a wash
  • windows can be cleaned out with a damp cloth
  • the grill on the windows can be dusted before you start wiping out the glasses and sills

Day 5: Clean lights and fans

A simple duster may not be enough for a thorough cleaning.

  • Make use of a ladder that is stable and clean the fans and lights with a good cloth.
  • Make sure that you have somebody along with you when you do this and replace any fixtures that need replacement

Day 6: Cleaning out the floors
Even if you sweep and mop the floor on a  regular basis, you will find the accumulation of darker spots and patched on the corners. This will not be easy to clean out. You need to hunker down and have a go at it with a cloth dipped in a good cleaner.

  • Use a broom to clean under the furniture and if possible move them around and have a go with a vacuum cleaner
  • To mop the floor add some good cleaning liquid to tepid water and immerse the mop in it.  But proceed to wipe the floors after wringing out all the extra liquid
  • If possible use a dry mop to get the floors shining once you have done with the wet one.

Day 7: Getting the porch clean

Once the insides of your house are clean it is time to work on the outside. You will find things like bugs and dirt etc have made their home in your porch.

  • Move any furniture away to sweep the floor and also try to clean out the furniture covers etc.
  • Use a long handle broom to get rid of cobwebs and bugs.
  • Use a blower to get rid of leaves and twigs that may have collected.
  • Use plenty of water and wash out the entire floor of your porch.
  • Mop it dry and replace the furniture.
  • Use a cloth to wipe railings etc.

Now your entire house is perfectly neat and clean.