How Does Wearing a Watch Make You a Conscientious Person

A watch is no more just a time-telling device. It’s not just even a wad of cash wrapped around your wrist. It’s a part of one’s lifestyle. Today, we are going to justify how does wearing a watch add to your efficiency and make you a conscientious person.

A watch makes you punctual

Researches have proved that watch-wearers are relatively more punctual and organized than others. This is probably because dedicated individuals like to keep a check on their time and work as per their schedule. Researchers from the Yorkshire and Lincoln universities held an experiment in which they asked 90 men and women to reach the psychology department at a specific time. It was monitored that those wearing watches arrived three minutes earlier than the ones without wristwatches.

If you find yourself struggling to deal with late arrivals and punctuality, buy a watch. More importantly, buy a high-end one such as Omega Seamaster 300. This could advantage you in several ways. One of them being: when you invest in an expensive watch, you are likely going to wear and value the purpose it serves.

Watch versus cellphones

Many people are of the view that wearing a watch has now become an old-school trend when they can easily check their cellphones for time. The reality is, today, everyone has a phone but not everyone is punctual. Wearing a watch makes one value the time; people suddenly become more attentive towards how they spend their 24 hours.

Another edge that a wristwatch has over a smartphone is the duration of its operation. Watches use a small amount of battery and some are even self-powered through motion. They do not need maintenance for years or a battery recharge every 8-10 hours. Now compare this with a phone that goes dead every few hours and you have to keep recharging it.

Watches make life easier

Today, watches are more than just a life keeper. They are, in no way, becoming obsolete. Watchmakers are adding details into a small piece of gadget; they are water resistant for those pursuing active sea lives. One of the latest technologies is a smartwatch that can be synchronized with a smartphone. Using this feature, you can make or receive calls, be notified of alerts on your social accounts, count your heart rate & footsteps, etc.

Watches prevent distraction

When you look at your watch, the only thing you get to see is time. When you look at your cell phone, you see time, notifications, text messages, a missed call, and only a few minutes later, you will be laughing looking at a funny cat video in your phone. This completely defeats the purpose of checking the time and many people fall for this trap.

A watch will also let you check the time without disturbing other people. Suppose you are in a meeting and have to leave for some other place. When you pull your phone out of your pocket, you are just letting everyone know how bored you are. This not only leaves a bad impression of yours on others; it would also manage to deviate their focus from the meeting. However, with a wristwatch, you can conveniently check the time without indicating others your lack of interest or that you have better things to do.