Home Building Tips To Enlarge Space in Small Homes

Small homes are perceived to be more warm and cozier however they can be limiting in terms of space. There are ways and tips that can be used to enhance the space in small homes into something more spacious and easy to navigate through.  It is possible to keep the small home spaces well ventilated for a refreshing feeling while in the home. Ideas involving furniture arrangement, colour choice and other tips are ideal for use for an enlarged space in small homes.

Most of the builders try to create some luxurious small houses in small budget. Even most of the people, who can’t afford to live in big houses can live in these small luxurious houses. The modern small houses are designed in such a manner that their space is maximized to fullest.

Home Building Tips To Enlarge Space in Small Homes

If you wish to maximize the space of small homes then here are few tips to do so:

High Ceilings

This is one of the best ways to make your small house look bigger. You can extend the height of ceilings higher.







  • The higher ceilings will increase the space of your small house in terms of volume
  • The overall house will look slightly bigger from inside
  • The rooms will look spacious and a better ventilation can take place in spacious rooms
  • The wall hangings or sceneries will look more attractive as the space had been extended

Multi Purpose Rooms

The multi-purpose rooms can serve the purpose of different rooms all together. These multipurpose rooms had become the most essential part of modern designs. Most of the builders do not forget to include these multipurpose rooms in small house designs. These rooms can be used as study and at the same time can serve the purpose of guest rooms or dining rooms or even a personal room. It’s up to you that for what purpose you use the room.






  • The multipurpose room helps you to save the space in small house
  • It also helps to enlarge the other rooms as multipurpose room itself serves the purpose of different rooms
  • You can use the multipurpose room as dining room, guest room, bed room, and for other purposes too

Use more windows and Mirrors in house

Adding few more windows and mirrors to small house can also make it look bigger than normal. The windows will allow more and more natural light to come inside the house and therefore this will make your house look little bigger rather than congested. The mirrors will work similar to reflectors. The mirrors can reflect the light in great manner to different directions. So, adding up few more windows and mirrors will work in maximizing the space in small house.






  • Moreover, if you go for few more windows, you can view out from different positions in the house so that you are well aware about what is happening in nearby surroundings.
  • More natural light coming to your house for longer hours can also help you in saving electricity bills
  • The house having more windows at good points appear beautiful from outside, if the walls are contrasted with the windows
  • More light coming to the house is the symbol of positive energy, if we consider the traditional benefits of house

Built in Store Remedies

Rather than going for different things together, you can choose a single thing that functions like all. For example: if you want almirah, dresser, mirror, shoe rack etc inside the room then this will surely make your room congested. A better solution is to go with an almirah that have drawers, space to keep clothes, shoe rack, and a mirror at front. This can be very beneficial tip for you if you want to make your small house look bigger.

You can even use the rooms of your small house for multiple purposes as talked above. The multipurpose rooms in small house can serve the purpose of different rooms and will help you out in utilizing the maximum space. You can even reduce the space of your balconies. If you have the balconies in three sides of your room then either reduce the balcony space or reduce the number of balconies to one


The interiors of a house also play an important role to make your small house look bigger and spacious. Your house can look bigger, if the interiors and the wall paints are chosen in contrast to each other. The contrasting interiors and wall paint can make the small space look more spacious and beautiful. The furniture of your house also plays an important role to make your small house look more spacious. You should have the contrasting furniture in small house. The walls of your house should have wall hangings and scenery to bring an attractive view.




So follow these tips carefully, if you really want your small house to look more spacious and bigger than its normal space.