25 Hidden Room Ideas For Your Home

Many people fantasize about the fact of having hidden rooms or some secret hideout right within the house. These are rooms where one can dedicate for specific activities that they hold dear like having a quiet place where one can read, meditate or carry out some personal activities. There are various ideas that can be exploited for a beautifully designed hidden room. Get some cool hidden room ideas for your home that can help you turn some free spaces to well designed hidden rooms.

Partitioning off part of the attic: This would work if you do not have many people using the attic which is mostly the case. You can hide the entrance to the room with some carefully placed junk

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A part of the basement: Another well hidden and not often used area that can be again used to create a cubbyhole that nobody knows about.

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Irregular shaped corners: If your home happens to be on a bit of land that makes it have irregular corners, then a hidden room can easily fitted in either off the kitchen or the bedroom depending on the shape of the house.

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Deeper cupboards: Another way to make a hidden room is to have a space provided for behind a built in wardrobe of cupboard. This way you could walk into your wardrobe and have access to the hidden room

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A hidden bathroom behind the rack of books: Having a hidden bathroom sounds decadent, but you can do this and hide it behind a rack of books. A place that most people will not bother to explore behind.

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A part of the garage: If you happen to have a big garage, you could probably have the builders put in a secret room there and hide it behind some equipment.

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The thing about having a secret or hidden room is that you will find many uses for them and they will add an aura of thrills and secrecy to your normal routine life. Some other ideas for Hidden Rooms:

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