25 Spring balcony ideas fit for a queen

In most of the city dwellings the balcony may be the only place where one can ideally connect to an outdoor life. It should therefore be taken care of and features incorporated that makes the entire balcony quite refreshing and inspiring to stay in.It is possible to design a spring balcony that befits a queen, however for that o happen you need the right ideas and tips. Here are some of the spring balcony ideas fit for a queen that you can take advantage of for a more inspiring balcony.

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With a Spring balcony design and planning much depends on the following factors:

  • The size of the balcony
  • The space you want to spare
  • The time you have to work on the garden
  • The color theme you want for the garden
  • The look and feel you are aiming for
  • The furniture on the balcony

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If you are looking for a minimalistic look, adding a few carefully potted plants in a particular color theme should work. If the space available is minimal you could create a garden like effect with hanging pots and plants. This would mean you would have the space to move around while still enjoying a garden like feel. If there is enough space on the balcony you can allocate a bit of space for making a small patch of lawn and line it up with plants. You can add a dash of color to your balcony by picking up flowers that are in contrast to the colors of the wall, the railing and the furniture on the balcony to create a colorful and festive look.

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Choose colorful furniture and contrast it with the flowers of the same color. You can even add a green carpet to the floor of your balcony to emulate a lush lawn and then enhance the look with pretty flowering plants. Another simple way to convert your balcony instantly into a garden is to add creepers, especially the kinds that flower.

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You can create a minimalistic garden feel to your balcony by getting cacti and lichen of colorful type. These look great and are easy to take care of. Though do watch out for the thorns! As you keep thinking of ideas for your balcony garden you could even consider adding a small space in the form of a jutting shallow tank on the outside of your balcony where you can plant some plants. To do this however you have to deal with planning and permission issues. As you plan on your balcony garden you will find that the ideas keep flowing and there is no limit to what you can do even with space limitations.

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Transform your balcony with beautiful plants as you allow for flow of fresh air to circulate. The balcony design below looks well utilised as a mini garden with the plants enhancing the view of the balcony even as you get to enjoy fresh vegetables from the comfort of your home. The plants do not only supplement your diet but also creates such a beautiful ambience worth relaxing in.

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Wooden stools create such a relaxed feeling when used on the balcony providing the opportunity to enjoy that full impact of the spring. The balcony design below looks beautiful with the table and stools providing an ideal place for having a relaxing meal as you enjoy the spring. The space is well utilised with the plans creating a good contrast for the balcony design.

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Use of potted plants and flowers also works well in enhancing the balcony design. The design below looks great with an assortment of beautiful potted flowers that are well positioned in the room. The space is well utilised with the pots used blending well with the colour theme of the balcony.

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The balcony design below looks spectacular with every space available made use of well. A balcony can be transformed to a cool place for chilling out and having some fun. Book lovers can also take advantage of the space and design a small home library in the balcony just like in the balcony design below.

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Transfrom your balcony into a small restaurant with classic furniture and well-designed decor just like the one below. The wall paintings and the plants blend perfectly well creating a cool contrast in the balcony. The red colour makes for such a warm and welcoming theme quite ideal for relaxation.


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Adding couches and a coffee table to your balcony makes the entire place look fabulous. The balcony design below is well designed with the kind of colours used quite cool to the eyes and blends well with other features in the room like the carpet, the improvised roof cover that allows circulation of air, making it ideal for spring season.

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Use of bold colours in any setting communicates such an appealing outlook that is quite inviting. The blue theme used in the balcony design blends quite well with the features in the room making it look quite comfortable to relax in. The floor colour is such a focal point in the balcony design and wall colour enhances the outlook of the balcony resulting into such a cool design.

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It doesn’t cost much to have a sophisticated and well-designed balcony. The style of arranging items and the kind of features used in the balcony can significantly change  the outlook of your balcony into a countryside like environment. The use of wooden fence and the seating type looks great for relaxation with the plants creating such a perfect blend.

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Use of decorations that are re-usable also make the balcony design to look spectacular while at the same time saves on decor cost.  The mixture of assorted decor features makes such a fabulous balcony design just like the one below. The type of colours used blends quite well with other features in the balcony

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When designing your balcony it is good to think of reusable items as they can still be used even if you shift to another location. It also helps in saving costs. The green grass used on the balcony design below creates that real feeling of an actual home backyard. with the coffee table and chairs providing that conducive atmosphere for relaxation. The colour theme used in the balcony design below blends quite well with other features in the balcony.

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The balcony design below is quite spacious providing sufficient space to implement some cool ideas that make the entire balcony setting to look fabulous. The balcony is well designed with large flower vases that are well arranged with different kinds of flowers that enhance the general outlook of the balcony.

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You can add more spice to your balcony by incorporating different features that make your balcony look spectacular just like the balcony design below. The hanging flowers and the seatings work quite well to enhance the general outlook of the balcony and provide a place where one can relax and get to unwind after a tough day.

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The balcony design below is well designed with the seating cushions providing the much-desired comfort. The adjacent view of nature and plants can be quite refreshing while relaxing in the balcony. The balcony designed in a way that opens it up to the inflow of cool breeze and refreshing wind especially during the spring.

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Apart from applying simple designs to your balcony, use of complex features and ideas also has a way of enhancing the balcony outlook just like in the balcony design below. The kind of chairs used and the way the seating arrangement is done works perfectly well

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There are many things that one can take advantage of to improve their balcony changing it from just a small balcony to an extension of your living room or bedroom. You can also incorporate features like plants and wooden fence that connects with lively outdoor places, connects your home to the exterior experience of nature. The balcony design below looks great and a real connection of that outdoor experience of relaxing outdoors.

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Use of plants in the balcony generates that feeling of being outside in the gardens where one gets to connect with nature and the freely flowing fresh air especially during spring season. The balcony design below looks fascinating with the collection of plants and flowers creating such a beautiful outlook in the balcony. The place is well utilised with the big flower pots well placed on the floor with others raised to cover the entire space. Bring the beauty of nature and comfort closer to your home by transforming your balcony into a small flower garden.

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The balcony provides sufficient space where one can just decide to freely relax without feeling guilty of making the room untidy. Having a few cushions hanging around with a swing for relaxation gives one the luxury of enjoying a backyard especially for those living in apartments. The balcony design below is a great demonstration of creative relaxation ideas as every space in the balcony is well utilised.

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For a fulfilling balcony design, one can purpose to have it all in one place. The plants refreshing the place and connecting you to a feeling of being with nature, the chairs are very handy for relaxation, a few potted flowers to enhance beauty of the place and other features which leaves the entire area fully utilised.

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Indeed the balcony can be an extension of a living room just like in the balcony design below. The cushions and the papyrus chairs work quite well for a backyard, creating an atmosphere for outdoor relaxation. The hanging trees and the plants work perfectly well for the balcony design. It is also good to utilize an arrangement design that enhances the view of all other features in the balcony design.

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Use of simple and multi-functioning furniture makes balcony design look more unique and elegant. The balcony design below demonstrates a work of creativity with the kind of furniture used which can serve as seats and swings at the same time. The cool flower pots add to the balcony’s theme making the entire setting look spectacular.

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Use of furniture designed from the bamboo reeds and other features is a great way to spice up your balcony and design an aura that instantly connects you to nature and the feelings that come with it. The balcony design below looks amazing with the reeds and plants blending so well with the outdoor theme of being in the outdoors.

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