40 Grey Bedroom Ideas: Basic, Not Boring!

The type of colour used in painting the bedroom has a great way of influencing the mood and feeling that you develop in the bedroom. Grey is one of those colours that is considered to have the hottest hues in the world of interior design and blends quite well with other colours and features that may be used in the bedroom. There are various grey bedroom ideas shared here that you can take advantage of and get a colour combination that is quite calming and visually appealing to the eye than the neutral background shades most people use in their homes.

Whether you’re looking for a soft, airy look, or you gravitate more towards dark, gothic styles, we have plenty of awesome inspiration for you to examine before you commit to a gray color scheme in your own bedroom.

Elle Decor 43

Grey Bedroom Ideasgrey bedroom ideas 3 blue-and-grey-bedroom- comfy-great-grey-bedroom-design cool-grey-bedroom-ideas fancy-sharp-grey-bedroom-set-bed Gray-Bedroom-Color- green-grey-bedroom-ideas grey bedroom ideas 1 grey bedroom ideas 2

Use a peel and stick wood panel, like the weathered gray panel from Stikwood that’s pictured here, to add dimension to your bedroom walls while retaining a gray color scheme. Coat the remaining walls in a matte steel gray shade and outfit the room with furniture and fixtures in a palette that’s restricted to blacks, whites, and grays for a clean and uniform look.

Grey Bedroom Ideas 1

With a simple platform bed and matte gray walls, this no-frills setup is ideal for those with a minimalist mindset. The exceptionality of this design is in the details, from the uniquely textured flooring to the reflective interplay between the mirror and wall art.


Paint isn’t the only means by which you can bathe your bedroom walls in gray. The designer of this gorgeous gray bedroom affixed textured gray fabric to the walls by applying paper backing to each strip of material. Crinkly gray curtains, a paper chandelier, and a thick pinstriped duvet add a variety of other textures to the room.

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The pale gray shades in this room capture the delicacy of white but avoid its boring, overused quality. We especially love the rustic-chic ambiance of this particular design, with pallet wood floors perfectly contrasting with a modern art chandelier and ornately crafted molding.

grey-bedroom-design-wallpapeer grey bedroom ideas 10 grey bedroom ideas 15 grey bedroom ideas 17 grey bedroom ideas green

DC Design House 2012

DC Design House 2012

grey bedroom ideas

A curved charcoal wall with circular cutouts creates an ultramodern vibe in this bedroom of the future. Create textural contrast by setting a tweed bed atop smooth concrete flooring in different shades of gray. Accents in the style of modern art, like the lamps and rug pictured here, contribute further to the futuristic feel of the space.

grey-bedroom-ideas-gh Grey-Bedroom-Ideas-Classic

Featuring walls in both pale and deep shades of gray, this beautiful bedroom is oozing with modernity. Gauzy white curtains allow for plenty of light to enter the space even when they are pulled shut, bouncing off light gray flooring and a fabulously unique circular bed in hues of silver, white, and gray.

gray bedroom decorating ideas 6

Add a punch of pizazz to your gray bedroom by incorporating a variety of patterns into its design. Create a playful, feminine look by pairing a chevron accent wall with floral bedding.


This tantalizing gray bedroom looks as though it came straight from the pages of a Victorian novel. Pallet wood flooring with a gray undertone balances well with sponge-painted walls and ceiling. A heavy gray curtain hung from beautifully distressed molding infuses the room with a sense of romanticism and also allows for instant privacy when desired.

grey bedroom

One would expect to peer out the window to find the French countryside lying outside the confines of this quaint gray bedroom. A rustic wood bed frame in a muted shade looks fabulous against wood flooring and two-tone gray walls outfitted with romantic accent pieces, making for a warm yet stylish atmosphere.


Walls coated in gray chalkboard paint, with flooring that’s identical in hue, contrast beautifully with light wood paneling in this incredibly innovative bedroom setup. Perfect for a young person who wants a casual place to lounge and hang out with friends, this design is the true definition of “hipster cool.”

gray bedroom decorating ideas

A floor to ceiling mirror, metal diamond wall panel, and a tufted gray headboard are just a few of the glamorously gray items that contribute to this bedroom’s luxurious atmosphere.

natural-grey-bedroom-painting-colorsRelaxing-grey-bedroom-colors-4 unique-grey-bedroom-ideas

Gray Venetian plaster not only creates a unique finish, but its dark shade and imperfect texture are also excellent for concealing any flaws that may exist on your bedroom walls. Rustic wood flooring painted in a faint gray, an ornate chandelier hung over the bed, and simple white branches set atop the bedside table complete the simply elegant look of this gray bedroom.

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While gray is a color that can be paired with almost any other, it’s especially complementary with navy blue. Navy accents balance painted wood walls and furniture swathed in a light gray shade.

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Black and white vintage photographs housed in simple frames look artistically modern when hung on a wall that has been painted in an elephant gray shade. Gray and white patterned textiles add dimension to the room’s gray aesthetic, while a vintage-style nightstand and lamp contribute to its classic appeal.

gray bedroom ideas

Walls and flooring in the same subtle shade of dove gray provide a light-colored backdrop with more class than other neutral shades can provide. Infuse opulence into your sleeping area by mounting a cushioned headboard at the head of your bed and placing a chic bench at its feet. Alternating between gray and white shades on fixtures, like the gauzy curtains and luxurious bedding seen here, keeps the room from looking washed out in one shade of gray.