10 Most Expensive Houses Around The World: Latest Edition

If you are into experiencing the luxurious feeling of owning the most coolest and expensive homes in the world then you are in the right place for great ideas of the most expensive houses around the world. You will get access to some of the most creative ways people spend their money. It is not only the size that is fascinating but the size and the cozy designs used in the house.

Antilla, Mumbai: Estimated to be $1 billion. Antilla is rated as the most expensive home till date and also it is quite an unique looking one. Consisting of 27 stories and of 40000 square feet, it needs as many as 600 people to make it work. It is owned by Mukesh Ambani, a petrochemical businessman who ranks fifth in the line of rich people across the globe.

Villa Leopolda, French Riviera, France:
King Leopold II from Belgium built this villa in the year 1902. This villa has been acquired by Prokhorov, the Russian Billionaire at a value that is close to 750 million dollars. The villa has about 19 bedrooms, consists of 27 stories and is known to require as many as 50 gardeners working round the clock to keep things going.

Franchuk Villa, Kensington, London:
This mansion based in London has been valued at around 161 million dollars. It was used as a prep school for girls till recent times. Now it has been restored to a Victorian Estate. Of around 21000 square feet it has ceilings that are 20 feet high and also has a movie theater, a gym and a sauna. In a city as crowded and intensely populated as London, this piece of real estate is rare and a real luxury.

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Dracula’s Castle, Romania:
Valued at 135 million dollars, this property has this incredible name but we guess that it being a Romanian castle justifies the name. This building was converted to a museum in the 80s but since then it has been sold off privately. It contains 17 bedrooms and 57 rooms. It even now has a lot of the unique and antique furniture that it originally had.

The Pinnacle in Montana:
This home which is a ski- home has been valued at 155 million dollars. It is considered the biggest property in the community of exclusive private ski and golf billionaires in Yellowstone Club. It has heated flooring up to the driveway and also 10 bedrooms, fireplaces in all the bathrooms, a big wine cellar, massage room, an indoor pool, an outdoor pool and a gym.

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Fairfield Pond, The Hamptons, USA:
This property was built by Ira Rennert a known American business magnate. It has been valued at 170 million dollars which ranks it as the most esteemed home at the Hamptons. When you take a look at it, you would not be wrong in assuming that you need a golf cart just to move around the property.

The Manor, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles:
The known price for this Aaron Spelling Manor was at around 150 million dollars but it was purchased for 85 million dollars in 2011 by Petra Ecclestone, who is British F Chief Bernie’s daughter. This mansion, based on the French chateau style, is the biggest private homes in Los Angeles county. It has tennis courts, a bowling alley, two swimming pools, a beauty parlor, a barber shop, a spa, garden in the 18th century style, parking area to take in more than 100 cars and many more things.

Fleur De Lys, Beverly Hills CA:
This mansion, inspired on the lines of French style which also happens to be the home of Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey, was listed at 125 million dollars for sale. It has 45000 square feet space along with 5 acres of land around. The gold leaf crowned moldings, marble and gold embossed leather walls only make it even more impressive.


Villa La Palladiana, France: Based in Cap d’Ail, this property that is ocean facing, is the French Riviera version of heaven with many balconies and terraces. It has a fitness center, a sauna and pool for indoors and outdoors. The value is estimated to be around 76 million dollars.


10 Waterfront Estate, Istanbul, Turkey: With a ship quay and of 30000 square feet, this property occupies ¾ of an acre in Bosphorus. The value is estimated at 100 million dollars and has 64 luxuriously anointed rooms that face the water.