How to Get a Blair Waldorf Bedroom

Blair Waldorf bedroom design is inspired by different interior decor styles and other features that brings out that ideal style and elegance of the glamour girl. The design is an inspiration to those who may want to have that luxurious kind of a bedroom with all the features and interior decor that goes with it.  Have a look at how to get a Blair Waldorf Bedroom ideas from the tips shared in this article.

Blair Waldorf is a young New York socialite living in the Upper East Side. She is known for her wealthy family and connections, but has a smart head on her shoulders. She works hard and applies herself, earning a lot of her successes throughout the series.  What’s more, Blair’s romantic interests play a big part in her stories, exposing a fiery, passionate, and occasionally naughty side to her personality. Blair also spends her summers in France with her father, her passion for Europe, and especially Paris shines through in the series.

In Blair’s bedroom we see all of these elements of her character blend together in a clever and thoughtful design. This makes Blair’s bedroom versatile and interesting with a clear nod to her upper-class heritage. If you want a room that speaks of high class and style, a modern New York City and a traditional Europe, and with hints of the social butterfly and passionate and beautiful woman that culminate in Blair’s character, consider using her carefully assembled bedroom for inspiration.


Blair Waldorf’s passion for all things Parisian comes across clearly in her interior design choices. From Blair’s Pyjamas (Natori, Aridein, Cosabella, Victorias Secret) to her Posters, the designer Christina Tonkin has achieved a very classic European feel while reminding us that we are in fact, in the heart of the Upper East Side.

With their luxuriant but demure colours, her Champagne and Sapphire bed sheets  set a colour scheme of pale blues and creamy vanillas for her whole room, while a grand and curvaceous headboard frames the plush bed.

Between the stacks of magazines and the well-equipped vanity table, we are reminded that we are in the den of a young New York socialite but the important accents in the room like the elegant chaise lounge speak out about Blair’s French connections, while bringing an expensive maturity to the room. Suitable for a visit from Chuck or Serena, this old Europe/ Cosmopolitan balance also allows the space to move between a romantic boudoir and a fresh and cool pad depending on the light cast over it.


A great calendar, tasteful and well placed picture frames (such as the classic Audrey Hepburn), and at least one full length mirror on a backdrop of periwinkle are all essential additions to the Waldorf Walls. Again, with fixtures and fittings try to envision aristocratic Europe. Of course a chandelier is the first choice, but if you have a low ceiling or a low budget, otherwise grand lighting choices should create the same effect.

As for the floors, the hardwood is typical for Blair’s location; however a sprawling, pale blue rug warms up the room significantly. In a careful continuation of the colour theme, the large windows are adorned with heavy creamy curtains tied with a tasselled cord.

Guide your textile choices with cool silvery or blue shades as a base, and build this up with the odd darker shade to bring it out. For Blair, this shade is a rich and classy navy. Keep the textures suitably luxuriant too, with plenty of silks and velvets dotted around, not to mention a decent paint job.

The room reflects Blair’s personality with its organised and neat appearance, a well-kept calendar on the wall, and all the trinkets and cosmetics scattered carefully and deliberately in their right places. While you might not have an open fireplace, nor a large and immaculately sorted walk in wardrobe, choose neat storage units in keeping with the classically curvy headboard, or the graceful chaise lounge. Large open book shelves or a quaint baroque style free-standing wardrobe would both be lovely additions.

Blair predictably has an expensive laptop, usually sitting atop her large bed for her studies, and later her design business, so don’t be afraid to incorporate the latest technology, as well as picture frames, knick-knacks, candles, and lamps into a timeless and simple design concept.

If you are a gossip girl fan, or just after a room that balances the same ideas and identities as Blair’s, taking a leaf out of Christina Tonkin’s book (who also designed the sets for Sex in the City) is likely to result in a beautiful space full of personality and class.