Best Compact Microwave :Whirlpool MT4078SP

Do you need an small, compact microwave that can keep up with your on the go lifestyle? Well, look no further than the Whirlpool MT4078SP. A great microwave should be able to keep up with your lifestyle. The Whirlpool MT4078SP is easy to use and the settings selection is versatile enough to fit all your cooking needs. Also its size and price is unbelievable when compared to its competitors. With its 18 by 11 inch size, this microwave is easily the best compact microwave for a college or graduate student.

Compact Microwave

The Whirlpool MT4078SP: Features and Functions

The best thing about the Whirlpool MT4078SP is its ease of use. You only need to press one button to activate any of the preset buttons on the microwave. To cook your desired food, all you have to do is press the cook time button, select the amount of time you want and press enter. This simple process is perfect for those on the go meals, when you are extremely busy. Another great feature of this microwave is its lock button. This button is locks your microwave door, so young children can’t open it and possibly harm themselves. This safety features is accessed through holding down the start button for five seconds. To unlock the door simply hold the button down for another five seconds and use as normal. The clock set feature allows you to set the time on your microwave. This is especially important for Daylights Saving Time.

The Whirlpool MT4078SP: Presets buttons

The preset buttons for this oven, make this microwave one of a kind. The preset programs are for popcorn, frozen dinners, vegetables, pizza and a baked potato. Each of these preset will adjust in time to thoroughly cook and prepare these foods, also with the defrost button you can prepare smaller dishes before placing them in the oven. The microwaves smart function allows you to insert the specific weight of food (from .01-6 lbs), so the microwave knows how long to defrost the food. The extra minute cooking preset automatically readjust the time so, you can completely cook all your meals. This button can be pressed as many times as needed to add more time to it.

The Whirlpool MT4078SP: Limits In Design

Though the Whirlpool MT4078SP has plenty of features that make it a top of the line mini microwave, it’s still not large enough for bigger meals. If needed you may have to cut your portions in half and cook them individually. This microwave is only .7 cubic feet interiorly and delivers 700 watts of power. Foods that would fit perfectly into this microwave are listed below:

  • Microwave Dinners/T.V. Dinners
  • Microwave Popcorn
  • 7 inch microwavable sub sandwiches
  • Microwavable burritos.

The Whirlpool MT4078SP: Instructions and the Manual

Most of us will agree that reading the manual on anything is usually not the most fun activity. We tend to either look at it once or throw it in the trash or keep it in the plastic (almost as a keepsake). For the best use of the Whirlpool MT4078SP, it’s important that you do take a look at it. It will provide you with lots of different features that may not be found on the microwave itself. The manual acts as a self help (troubleshoot) manual, that takes you step by step through the most common problems. Each section is dedicated to a different part of the microwave and it even comes with a section dedicated to what types of cook ware to place within it. This is helpful because the plate in this microwave differs from those of conventional microwaves. If you are the type of person that loves to find little tips and tricks to help make things easier, I would definitely suggesting reading this manual.

The Whirlpool MT4078SP: Form and Function

In architecture in order for a building or home to be considered complete, it must have a nice form as well as be functional. The same could be said about a great microwave, it could work really well and have a lot of features, but if it doesn’t look good you won’t want it. Luckily, this microwave gives you the best of both worlds (form and function). It comes in either a black or white color, with the buttons of the microwave conveniently placed to make it look great. The buttons are large and very well space apart, so you will not accidentally press the wrong button.

The whirlpool MT4078SP has everything you could want from a high end mini microwave. It is powerful, has lots of features and has a clean style and look that you can place in any kitchen. Since it is small the amount of food that can be placed within it is limited, but it’s still has enough power to handle any job. If you are looking for a great easy to use microwave, this is it!