Bedroom Ideas for a Couple That Loves Adventure

Adventurous Bedroom Ideas for Newlywed Couples

Bedroom ideas for couples serve one purpose: to make the relationship more spiced up, adventurous, and fiery. Too many relationships get cold with time and that’s partly because of some ignorance of the most suitable couple bedroom ideas to implement. Each couple needs to select a style befitting their personality for the bedroom. There are many cross-culture marriages: Western men often marry women from Eastern European countries. As they want to please their Russian, Ukrainian, or Moldovan brides, they need to take their cultural peculiarities into account. A properly styled bedroom helps the couple to relax, rest, sleep, and be intimate with each other. It’s important to decorate the room with accessories and in such colors that awaken good feelings and vibes between the two people in love.

Before doing that, you would need to develop a plan first.

Other factors you should consider include:

  • size of the bedroom
  • available space
  • your preferred color(s)
  • simple vs. complex style
  • need for architectural changes
  • creating a focal point
  • investing in the right bedding
  • matching everything
  • buying unique items
  • choice of color
  • contrasting the space
  • installing accessories

You would also have to glimpse at the windows, ceilings, walls, and doors. The new style you choose should touch upon all these areas. It is highly recommended to embrace romantic bedroom ideas for married couples especially. With these ideas in mind, you can make your bedroom the perfect getaway for the two of you. Remember the fact that the result of this redecoration would be a more intimate relationship and friendship, which are both essential for the stability and growth of the marriage.

There are some great tricks and ideas to help newlywed couples decorate their bedrooms.

Bedroom Ideas for a Couple: Color Matters

Choose the main color for your bedroom. In fact, the newlyweds should go with the most appropriate bedroom color ideas. Each color has a specific meaning. Each one serves a particular purpose. For example, blue is perfect for happier couples, who need more sleep time. Yellow also inspires more sleep owing to its effectiveness at stimulating the nervous system and encouraging relaxation, rest, and sleep. Other colors that would enable you and your spouse to enjoy quality sleep include earthy green, silver, and orange.

However, couples who need less sleep but more time to be intimate with each other should repaint the bedroom purple. This color is notorious for stimulating the brain thus preventing you from shutting your eyes and sleeping. That said, light brown should be your color of choice if you’re looking for romantic bedroom ideas for couples who just wedded. Research shows that couples who sleep in a bedroom painted light brown make love at least three times a week. Anyone considering Feng Shui bedroom colors for married colors should place red at the top of the list.


Bedroom Ideas for a Couple: Choosing the Bed

A good bed should be a matter of priority for any newlywed couple interested in creating the perfect bedroom for a married couple. Here, you have two options. The first one is a traditional bed. The second is a more extravagant bed. You could always opt for the double-beds, which are spacious and strong enough to handle all the vigor associated with lovemaking. A single bed wouldn’t suffice. You would never have to worry about falling down while enjoying the pleasures of marriage with your partner while on a double bed. When thinking about buying the double bed, you should look at the following types:

  • Queen-size
  • King-size
  • California king-size

The more extravagant options would include the following types of beds:

  • Rocking
  • Letto zip
  • Enignum
  • Magnetic floating
  • Concealed
  • Sonic
  • Wave

Bedroom Ideas for a Couple: Lighting

Lightings can enhancing the beauty of the room significantly. Among women of all nationalities, Eastern European ladies are most proficient in light design. Russian, Ukrainian, and Moldovan girls follow basic tips about zoning perfectly and use different lamps and lights in different parts of a bedroom. With proper lighting, the newlyweds can enjoy splendid romantic nights as many times as they want. Natural lighting is good. However, consider installing artificial lighting as well. Tall lamps and wall lamps can be found among many romantic bedroom ideas for married couples to be considered if romance means a lot to you. In fact, you should never complete decorating the couple’s bedroom before working on lighting. Install large lamps in large bedrooms. Candle lights or their imitations would look great as well.


Bedroom Ideas for a Couple: Cute Accessories

The bedroom for a married couple also needs major accessories. Rose petals are some of the best accessories for the newlywed couple’s bedroom. Invest in them when decorating. A few mesmerizing accessories worth installing include the faux fur rug, plush bedding, and hang fringe. Bedroom decorating ideas for a married couple often incorporate pillows of different shapes, colors, and texture. Hanging curtains of calm colors would be a great choice. Cushions would always look good depending on how adventurous you want to keep your lovemaking sessions.


Bedroom Ideas for a Couple: Minimalism

Minimalism works well for newlyweds interested in bedroom ideas for couples. This style simply revolves around less clutter. It offers the couple a chance for choosing their own preferred style, especially when moving into a pre-furnished house. Fill the room with anything that appeals to you, as long as it doesn’t occupy too much space. Remove all the junk. Make the space as interesting as possible. The fact that you wish to create a minimalist feel doesn’t mean it has to be dull and boring. A simple bed frame, neutral-colored bedding, and a lot of natural light would be helpful.


These ideas on decorating a bedroom for newlyweds can make their first days as one family truly memorable and filled with love and respect to each other. It will be a nice surprise for the bride if the husband takes her to such a beautiful bedroom at the end of the wedding. Any bride would appreciate that: brunette or blonde, small or tall, slim or curvy, brides with tattoos (you can find a gallery of them via link) or girls without any pictures on their skin. These ideas are worth applying in your bedroom. You and your lover would never regret making the decision to work on your bedroom.