30 Beautiful Examples of Bamboo Houses

Bamboo houses are incredible structures that require indepth architectural prowess for a more sturdy and elegant look. The bamboo materials are all natural and thrives well in diverse climates provided it is designed in a way that ensures durability. There are beautiful examples of bamboo houses shared here that you can get insight from for a more unique and visually appealing house design.

There are different factors that one has to pay attention towards before going for building a bamboo house varying from the material required to the characteristics of the bamboo house. Some such factors are described in this article which would definitely help you while planning a bamboo house.

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One important point is the availability and accessibility of the construction material required for the bamboo house. Mostly traditional construction materials are considered for this purpose. Bamboo house has the option of minimized foundations as it has a very low weight. Also, the walls are constructed using wall panels, assembled from split bamboo grids and chicken steel mesh and plastered with cement mortar. Also, the cost of these basic components is not much.

Due to the high elasticity of the bamboo, bamboo houses are ductile and are able to sway back and forth during an earthquake, without damaging the bamboo poles.

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Being a renewable plant with short rotation period, bamboo is available in commercial quantities in the market. The growth of a bamboo tree to its full size takes a year whereas the strength is gained by the plant in two to three years. Although amazing to know, but bamboo can be grown even on degraded land. The main focus while building a bamboo house should be on achieving longevity. The minimum use of cement or steel helps in preserving the environment.


The harvesting of bamboo is supposed to occur during the dry seasons in the tropics, reducing the beetle attacks as insects are less active during dry season. Whereas in subtropical areas, harvesting of bamboos occur in autumn and winter.
During harvesting, it is necessary to carefully remove the branches from the bamboo culms to avoid any damage to the outer skin. Although you can store the canes either vertically or horizontally after harvesting but keep in mind that in horizontal storage, the canes should be frequently supported in order to avoid bending out of shape.
Also, bamboo needs protection from sun, soil, moisture and rain. The drying of bamboo involves two methods- either by allowing good air-circulation while being stored under a shed, but it takes 6-12 weeks; or by using kilns which is a faster alternative. It is important to note that canes work the best way when they are dry.

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In order to prevent invasion of pests, insects and fungus, bamboo poles preservation is necessary. Without treatment, bamboo poles cannot survive for two years even. Different methods for treatment of bamboos are:


By immersing freshly cut bamboos in water for 4-12 weeks, the nourishment for insects inside the poles is removed. For this purpose, streams or ponds are suitable but not the salt water bodies.


A very efficient technique is pressure-feeding the borate/borax solution in the pole until it is visible at the other end. An important point to note is that the culms of mature age only are treated in this way on the day of harvesting of bamboo.

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In this method, the canes are heated in the kilns to 150 degrees Celsius. An alternative method is to place the canes into a large container and cook for 25 minutes.

So, these were the basic factors to keep in mind while planning to build a bamboo house. If you liked our post, please visit our website for more updates. We ensure you to provide the best ideas related to house designing. We would surely like you to share your views with us in the comment box related to this post. You can also share your designing experiences with us. Some other example for bamboo house designs:

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