25 Attic Room Ideas

Attic rooms are known to have some special charm and a feel that can be quite eclectic depending on how it is designed. There are many ideas one can make use of to design an attic room of their dreams. You can convert your attic room into a master ensuite, guest room or any other kind of room you desire provided you have the right kind of ideas you can make use of for a more appealing attic room design

It goes without saying that you will need some able contractors for ensuring that light is provided for, some basic plumbing and some form of ventilation is also present. If you have these on hand then let your imagination take over and have fun.

Some design possibilities for your loft:

A walk in wardrobe with huge shelves where you can get dressed at leisure while you enjoy privacy and loads of sunshine.
If you are not for this idea you could go the conventional way and use this space to make a small study where you can simply sit and reflect on things, read, write and generally hang out in piece. A music and television room is also another way to go. The attic makes a great place to listen or even play music. In homes where there are many members, TV time that is unhindered is a luxury. If you can afford it why not indulge?

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The other way to go is the clandestine hangout for adults only. You can set up things spa style or on an erotic motif and have a nice private time with your partner. This will be your own private space tucked away from the little ones and other family members.

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Or you can go in the opposite direction and set it up as a private space for your teenage children to hang out. They can be as noisy and as sloppy as they want in their private place and with a place of their own they are less likely to be sulky and moody.

Your own tearoom: Many a woman has longed for this; a feminine place where she can comfortably lounge around with some wine/coffee/ tea and read or simply sit in and soak in the quite. Since women are quintessential jugglers of several things, this private and quiet place may just provide the haven they need.

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Set up a sound proof place for music or dance: Another thing that can be done is setup a place where you can exercise while listening to music in a space that is set up to look like an aerobic workout room.

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A crafts room: One of the casualties of modern life is the lack of arts and crafts that women and children of earlier era used to indulge in. Most of the times it is due to distractions of our modern life and lack of space. Why not change the attic area into a space where the grownups and children of the house can indulge in some satisfactory and creative crafts.

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Hammock lounge: Another very simple way to use up the attic space creatively is to simply put in a hammock and a cooler to this place for some drinks. You can also put in some snacks from time to time.

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As you can see the attic or loft space can be used to make your life richer, easier and more comfortable. Some ideas of Attic Room Ideas are here :


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