7 Reasons Why Calgary Rocks

Calgary is an amazing city located in Alberta, Canada. You may have heard some of the news about Calgary being the most livable city in the world or being the best city to live in, but many still do not understand the hype. There are plenty of reasons to love this city, but we are going to give you 7 of them.


There is no provincial sales tax in Calgary and there is a pretty competitive income tax plan. This allows you to save money on every item you purchase. There may be no provincial sales tax, but this does not mean that the city is improperly funded. The city is beautiful, modern and clean. The find a way to pay for what they need.

No rats

If you have dealt with rats before, then you will be very excited to learn about this reason. Calgary is one of 3 places in the whole world that is rat free. The only other two places are the Arctic and Antarctic, so I guess you could say that Calgary is the only rat-free place that people actually want to live. Think of the money you’ll save on exterminators, rat traps, and baits. There is also the peace of mind that you get from not having to worry about those annoying squeaks.

Free Healthcare

This is one of the biggest and most important reasons. In the United States, healthcare is one of the leading causes of debt and most people can not afford to pay for it. Calgary has a “free” healthcare system in the sense that your tax dollars actually go towards something that does some good. You can walk into a doctor’s office or hospital and get treated within a couple of hours and receive no fees. Pretty great, huh?


High per capita income

Calgary has the highest per capita income levels of any city in Canada. This says a lot because Canada is pretty wealthy country. A high per capita income typically means that there are less crime, better schools and a host of other benefits. It can also mean that the cost of living is higher, but luckily Calgary has a booming and thriving economy.

Rocky Mountains within driving distance

You get to be within 90 minutes of the Rocky Mountains. If you have never seen the rocky mountains, then this is your chance. They are absolutely breathtaking and beautiful with gorgeous lakes and wildlife as well.

Low crime rate

The crime rate in Calgary is one of the lowest in Canada, so you can usually walk around safely. Of course, you still want to exercise good judgment, but the city is pretty secure and most neighborhoods are very nice.

High homeownership rates

Calgary has the highest percentage of home ownership in all of Canada. It is most likely due to the high-income levels that Calgary has. People with high per capita incomes have the tendency and ability to buy homes.


Calgary is a great city to visit and while you are relaxing in your new house, you can check out food delivery in the Calgary area.