7 Proven Ways to Make Your Relationship More Happening

It’s heaven, you say. That first meeting changed your life, you say. From the smile to the clothes to that evening walk, everything was perfect.

Here is something you need to know. The butterflies in your stomach – from that first meeting – don’t last really long. Once couples settle into a relationship, the excitement and attraction go down the curve.

However, that’s quite normal – and you shouldn’t panic.

You can’t feel that “euphoria of love” for the rest of your life. There will be moments when your relationship will feel dull or missing the spark.

The Top 7 Tips to Make your Relationship Be as Strong as Ever

But let’s not despair so quickly! We have 7 awesome ways to rekindle the lost spark and make your bond exciting once again.

1. Travel Back in Time

“Tell me your secrets

And ask me your questions

Oh, let’s go back to the start.”

– Coldplay

Things were almost out of control when you two first met. Why not try the magic once more?

Psychologists believe retracing the path to the start may help couples get back the connection. Walking down memory lane could be a great way to feel closer and strengthen the bond.

  • Visit areas or places where you first met
  • Eat in the same restaurants you went on dates
  • Catch a movie in the same theater halls, visit same parks, riversides
  • Take a trip to somewhere you went as a new couple
  • Look at old pictures and videos together (with a glass of wine!)

2. Be Vulnerable

Love makes us vulnerable. We open up to our soulmates and share every secret we never dream of disclosing to anyone else.

Unfortunately, as time passes, we start taking things for granted and close ourselves from our partners.

Nothing could be more harmful to your relationship.

  • Practice vulnerability whenever you can.
  • Listen to your partner and what they have to say.
  • Share secrets and tidbits
  • Don’t be afraid to say sorry

3. Get Physically Intimate Frequently

Physical intimacy is necessary for any relationship. It’s not just sex, but even hugs, holding hands, and any sort of physical touch strengthens the love.

Getting physical releases oxytocin, which you can call the “love hormone.” From creating attraction to strengthening immunity, you really don’t want to miss out on oxytocin!

Develop physical intimacy with your partner, and if you can, have lots of sex. It’s a great way to bring back the passion and keep things from falling apart.

4. Change Your Sex Routine

Here are a few tips that will surely help.

When Lack of Sex is the Problem

Lack of sex is a sure way to ruin relationships. However, too much sex can also be counterproductive!

Some couples are not geared to handle the pressure of having regular sex. For them, forgetting sex, for the time being, can be a good way to feel relaxed.

Hold hands, hug, kiss, give a rub- but that’s it! Refrain from having intercourse to develop sexual tension and create room for vulnerability.

Till then, you might just use your realistic dildo!

When Sex Gets Boring

Having sex with the same person for a long time can reduce the excitement. Thankfully, you can take several steps to light the flame once again-

  • Try out new places to have sex
  • Vary who initiates sex from time to time
  • Experiment with new positions
  • Create a sex-friendly environment (light candles, play soft music, dim the lights)
  • Take a weekend trip to rediscover yourselves

5. Get Some Adventure and Excitement

It takes work to keep a relationship thriving. You can’t expect to feel the same love for your partner all lifelong. Both of you are bound to face a dip in bonding as your relationship ages.

Frequent surprises can really make a difference and keep up the love. Arrange a date night, go to the movies, try the amusement park- anything and everything that gets your hearts racing together once again.

  • Determine the common interests of both of you and plan adventures and experiences. If you love driving, and your spouse loves mountains, take a vacation at the nearest hill station.
  • Go for hikes, treks, paraglide, bungee jump- the choices are endless!
  • If you can’t leave town, arrange secret dates for each other to get things going.

6. Allow a Degree of Freedom

Getting bored with each other is easy when you are always together. Sure, the first few months saw you sticking like glue to your partner, but that feeling doesn’t last.

Give space to each other and spend some alone time away from your partner. Distance really creates longing and can increase the need for your other half.

Pursue your interests and spend some time away from one another to create anticipation and desire.

  • Plan “girls-only” trips (for ladies)
  • Go watch baseball games with your buddies (for guys)
  • Spend a few days at your parent’s or friend’s house
  • Sit at opposite chairs at restaurants

Before long, you will start missing your partner and want to get back home!

7. Resolve Underlying Issues

Sometimes, the lack of desire in your relationship may be attributed to underlying causes. It can be ill health, lack of compassion, work stress, alcohol abuse, miscommunication, and more.

Both of you should take the time to identify the underlying causes that affect your relationship. Have a heart-to-heart talk, and don’t be afraid to touch on sensitive topics.

The sooner you resolve the underlying barriers, the sooner your relationship can get back on track.

Final Thoughts

Keeping up the bond and excitement in a relationship needs work. Be receptive to your partner’s needs, listen to them, spend enough time together, and try out new things to make your relationship more happening. Try out our tips alongside to get back the passion you had when you dated for the first time.