5 Benefits of Using Natural, Organic Beauty Products

While many off-the-shelf beauty products offer benefits, because they contain chemicals they can also come with a number of side effects.

What does this mean?

That by using them, you could be exposing your skin and hair to toxins. So in effect, you’re not benefiting your skin but harming it.

Below, we explore the top benefits of switching to natural, organic-based products.

  1. Less Risk of Skin Irritation

Regardless of whether or not you’ve got sensitive skin, some chemical products will bring you out in a rash or cause an allergic reaction. They may even lead to breakouts.

In stark contrast, natural products are often far more gentle on your skin and can be carefully selected to suit your skin type and to reduce the chances of acne. From coconut oil to shea butter, there are plenty of yummy products to choose from.

  1. No Toxic Smells

Natural products won’t come with a toxic smell. And it’s the artificial fragrances in many products that can cause migraines, sinus problems and other ailments. Many organic products won’t have added fragrance, the smell will be completely natural and non-toxic.

This is the same for fragranced or therapeutic candles that are made from organic materials. For example, companies like Neom Organics offer ones that are made of 100% natural wax, meaning there are no synthetic ingredients or dangerous chemicals that could release harmful toxins into your home.

  1. No Chemicals Are Absorbed Into Your Bloodstream

Even though many of these chemical-based products are applied on the outside of your skin, they are still absorbed into your bloodstream. This means toxins could be circulating around your body causing all sorts of harm – especially when many of the products aren’t thoroughly tested to see what adverse reactions they can cause internally.

Organic products will still be absorbed into your skin, but as they’re natural, they won’t cause any unwanted, nasty side effects.

  1. They Can Still Make You Look and Feel Beautiful

Even though you may be aware that organic products are better for you, how can you guarantee they’ll work as well as that chemical-based one you’ve been using for years?

While it may take a bit of trial and error, you’ll probably find that natural ingredients actually make your skin feel even better. From lemon-based face masks that fight acne to soothing shea butter, these products can prevent wrinkles, breakouts, hyper-pigmentation and much, much more.

  1. Good for the Environment

Finally, organic products won’t add to the growing problem of pollution in our environment. Those chemical-based products may release harmful toxins into the atmosphere, water and land.

Equally, you’ll often find that many organic companies are incredibly mindful when it comes to their packaging, too. So always check for recyclable packaging and other features that ensure your organic products are doing their bit for the environment.

So while changing your skin care and beauty regime may seem quite daunting, it could be the best thing for your skin, hair, health and the environment as a whole!