40 Interior Lighting Tips And Design to Brighten your Home

Lighting can make a big difference in the interior design of your home and good lighting enhances better visibility as well as providing better security and a sense of comfort in the family. Lighting enhances the mood and ambience in the home. There are quite a wide range of lighting fixtures, with different types of lighting that are available in different styles, shapes and sizes to choose from. These interior lighting tips and design to brighten your home can add that sparkling touch to your home decor as it complements your family lighting needs.

The interior lighting of room or house adds an appeal to the overall decoration of the house. It does not only make your space functional, but also provides you the best ambiance you are looking for. You can fix the light fixtures on your room walls and make your room look beautiful. Here are a few room interior lighting tips and ideas for you. You can try to make your room a living heaven.

Room Interior Lighting

Learn the Basics

One of the most important things that you need to realize while choosing the lighting options for room interior lighting is that there are two types of options- natural and artificial light.

  • The natural light can be played only during the day time while you can play with artificial light at any time part of the day.
  • The artificial light can be produced with different fixtures and you can give different colors to the artificial light as per your requirement.
  • The natural lighting in the room can save your electricity bills while artificial lighting can be used to provide a deeper impact to the viewer.


There are different types of lighting lamps and fixtures that are well designed to provide that cool warm white light in a room making them quite suitable for interior lighting purposes. Just like in the interior lighting design below, the fixtures used creates a magnificent look with the table lamps and the ones used on the walls greatly highlights the artwork features making the entire room quite appealing to be in.


When designing interior lighting for a room, it is important to consider the functions of the room as each lamp is designed with features that make them appeal to the requirements of different rooms. Led lights can be quite versatile for use in interior lighting considering how the lights have been used in the artwork frames hanged on the walls below. The bedside lamps provide such a cool illumination with light that is comfortable even for a sleepy person.


Living rooms often require bright light with fixtures that make the entire room look spectacular. The beam of lights used on the ceiling board creates such a magnificent interior lighting with the standalone lamp providing sufficient lighting for the room. The type of activities taking place in the living room can also influence the kind of lamp and fixtures to use like rooms where people spend time reading may require bright focused light.


When planning on doing interior lighting, it is good to take time and gather sufficient information on the kind of lamp that can give you the feeling and appearance you desire. The kind of lamps and fixtures used in the interior lighting design below is just spectacular. The lighting arrangement is quite unique with the fixtures making the entire design look stylish. The light is also distributed perfectly in the room resulting into such  warm ambience.


This kind of interior lighting is suitable for larger rooms where sufficient lighting is required. Use of recessed lighting can bring such a spectacular feel in a room just like in the interior lighting design below. The lamps are many providing sufficient lighting in the room. The table lamps used in the rooms also reinforces the interior lighting by lighting various features and elements in the room.


Use of quality bright light can create such a significant look in a room and a spectacular interior lighting. The design that has been used in hanging the lights completely transforms the feeling and look of the room and the antique table lamp used in the design make the interior lighting design look quite unique and stylish.


One common factor with interior lighting is the fact that a wide variety of lighting is used like in the interior lighting design below which has large panels of lighting and the smaller downlights. One good thing with this kind of lamp is the fact that they are dimmable so the quality of light can be adjusted as desired. The interior lighting design below looks spectacular with very bright white light in the room. The lamp shades also provide sufficient lighting with the lampshades placed by the bedside creating such a cool illumination of the room.


When it comes to room interior lighting then you can play with both the lights and give a mesmerizing look to your room. Lightning plays an important role to embed beauty to the room. You can add different effects to the room with different lighting styles. The artificial lighting can be used to change the environment of your room and make it perfect according to your choice. You can even play with different color artificial lights. This will make the look of your room more wonderful. The interiors of your room will speak up a new language after you decide to go for artificial lightning


Use of accent lighting also has a great way of improving the outlook of a room by highlighting the features in the room just like in the interior lighting design below. The lighting used has greatly enhanced the look of books on the shelves and other items in room. The lamps used on the ceiling does not only look stylish but also creates such a magnificent interior lighting design.


Use of indirect lighting for interior lighting purposes has a way of relaxing the atmosphere making the room suitable for relaxation after a tiresome day. The fixtures used in the interior lighting design below does not only look spectacular but reduces the brightness of the light by creating such a relaxing warm light. The patterns created by the lighting fixtures also makes the lighting produced quite suitable for the given room.


Having lighting evenly distributed in the room with some on the ceiling and some on the walls and the candles creates such a unique interior lighting where every space in the room feels well filled with sufficient light. The colour of the lampshades used also enhances the overall appearance of the room by making the room look spectacular.


When lighting your room focus the light on focal points, areas that you would want more highlighted. The interior lighting design below shows the seating area well focused with lighting that ends up drawing attention to the area. The kind of fixtures used look cool and elegant with the lightings hanged on the wall creating such a cool interior lighting design.


A combination of recessed lighting with spotlights enhances the architectural features of the room making the interior lighting design look elegant just like in the design below. The type of lighting used in the room provides sufficient illumination by enhancing other features in the room.


Benefits of artificial lighting in rooms

Some of the major benefits of artificial lighting for the room are as follows:

  • It gives a nice look and feel to the room
  • You can moderate the room environment in your own way
  • You can change the lighting of room in your own style if you have used different artificial lights
  • The interior of your room can look more appealing in artificial light.

Popular forms of Room Interior Lightning

There are different types of shades for room interior lighting. These are:

      • Accent Lightning: You can use this form of lighting to highlight different objects or a particular piece of art.

Accent Lightning

The kind of lamp shade used in a room has a way of altering the entire look of the room just like in the interior lighting design below where the lamps look spectacular as it creates such a magnificent look.

      • Floor Lamps: This form of lightning can create relaxing environment in your room.

Floor Lamps 1

The interior lighting design below is such a great work of art considering the way the lamp holders are designed. There are many ideas that can be incorporated when carrying out interior lighting and how the ideas are used can in a great way impact the entire outlook of a room. The kind of lighting used in the interior lighting design below is not just decorative but creates such a relaxing atmosphere.

Floor Lamps 2

Use of indirect lighting like wall sconces is a unique way of lighting the room in such a magnificent way. The kind of indirect lighting used in the interior design below does not only look beautiful but blends quite well with the other features in the room.

      • General Lightning: You can use this form of lightning to decorate the room with different colored lights.

General Lightning

Quality lighting has a way of enhancing functionality in the home. Using task lighting for interior lighting just like in the design below has a way of making your work easier and improving functionality in the room as the required items can be easily recognised. Installing architectural lighting in a room also enhances the architectural features in the room.

Task Lightning: This lightning can be done, if you want light for doing a particular task.

Task Lightning 1

Lighting your room for a great  interior lighting design does not have to be expensive there are simple lighting tips that one can take advantage of in order to have a great lighting experience in your room. Successful lighting designs for interiors require the ability to be able to balance elements in the room just like in the interior lighting design below.

Task Lightning 2

These are some popular forms of lighting that you can use to decorate the room of your house. Choose the best lighting for your room.

Different Lightning Tips for Different Rooms

Every room needs different form of lightning. You need to decide that which room will need which form of lightning. Here are different styles of lighting for different rooms.

    • Living Room: In the living room, you must use three or all the corners of room for providing right style of lighting. You can decorate the room with floor lamps and table lamps. Make some of them glow downwards and some upwards. Decorate the walls of room with accent lighting so that you can highlight the objects on walls.

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