35 Modern House Designs: The Forefront of Fresh

As technology keeps evolving with various innovative ideas continually emerging, so is it with the area of modern forefront house designs. The kind of interior design ideas that were great for modern homes may not be the same at the moment. It is therefore important to have that creative and innovative mind and get to embrace some of the unique modern house design ideas that can help you transform the forefront of your house.

In order to ensure that your home is on the forefront of modernity, it’s vital to stay informed regarding current design trends. From whitewashed brick to innovative architectural outfitting, there is a plethora of options available to you that will infuse your home with a modern ambiance.

Whether you’re looking to add a few accents to your home, or you’re looking to build from the ground up, we have tons of design ideas that will help you to create the modern house of your dreams.

Modern House Designs

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Sliding glass doors leading to a backyard porch or deck are extremely common and have been for many years. Take the idea and put a modern twist on it by using sliding glass doors within the interior of your home to separate rooms. In this design, wood-framed doors detach a bedroom from a living space. To create additional privacy, you can line the glass doors with a decorative curtain.

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While the homes in which most of us grew up had distinctive rooms separated with heavy doors, the most up-to-date, modern homes feature more open floor plans. Not only do open floor plans allow for more light and airflow, but they also create a sense of interconnectedness throughout the home. This home features glass panels, wood beams, and multi-level flooring to divide the space into rooms with creating barriers that can feel isolating.


Whitewashed brick adds a splash of vintage yet contemporary charm to the interior of any home. Treat ceilings and walls for a completely new look in your home, or install smaller sections of whitewashed brick above your fireplace or stove if you’re looking to take on a less intensive project.

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Exposed beams and low-key lighting mounted flush with the ceiling come together to create a contemporary look that’s showing up in many new and freshly renovated homes this season.

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Install a modern art chandelier in your living space to instill your home with a sense of modernity without breaking ground on a new construction project. We especially love the way this design, featuring spheres of varying lengths, sizes, and textures, is mounted from an extremely high, vaulted ceiling.


Staircases usually serve the function of connecting two or three floors within a home, but this modern house consists only of stairs. Because the entire home is one continuous, winding staircase, this Japanese dwelling technically has 44 floors, even though it’s small in square footage! Not only is this design fresh and current, it’s an excellent option for those who are building a modern home on a small plot of land.

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Experience the great outdoors and the beauty of nature with an interior garden like this one. The trick to bringing the idea to fruition is to make sure the garden receives constant sunlight through a skylight or windows that are installed from ceiling to floor.


Modern in every sense of the word, this green glass staircase, supported by a transparent glass wall, has an innovative “floating” effect because of its state-of-the-art design. We are also huge fans of the lighting and wood platform at its base.

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Glass-encased rooms and a canopy-covered rooftop garden area make this home feel like a true part of its natural surroundings.


A home needn’t have a long, sweeping staircase or an abundance of square footage to be a multilevel abode. This design features “half floors,” as well as contrasting textures in the walls and flooring as an interesting touch.

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It’s considered to be normal to take a paintbrush to the walls in your home, so why not add a splash of color to the ceiling? We are in love with this colorful abstract design, which brings the ambiance of a modern art museum into this loft.

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Why opt for plain white pillars like those in all of your neighbors’ homes when you could select an artistic alternative? These tree trunk columns create a natural, eco-friendly vibe in this modern home.


Most home additions tend to be boring blocks with little character or zest. If you plan on adding a room on to your home, encase it in glass instead of boring walls to add modernity and brightness to your abode.


Accordion-style doors and built-in cushioned seating are modern accents in this stylish white home, but its most awesome feature is the pair of thin skylights, which allow for natural light to seep in and brighten the space.


You can never go wrong with a solid accent wall, but you can put a modern spin on the idea by surrounding a solid accent wall with patterned wallpaper, like this fun chevron print.


Modern design is all about taking risks and breaking the rules. Ultra Architects decided to line the exterior of this home with light timber, a material that’s typically used within the interior of homes. To further their experimentation, the designers left the concrete framework on the interior of the home untouched rather than cover it up, creating a house that’s basically “inside-out.”


The fresh, clean interplay between light wood and stark white makes it a favorite combination in modern home design, especially in kitchen and dining areas where cleanliness is especially desirable.

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Arched doorframes, rounded molding, and curved walls are a modern deviation from the classic linear design of most homes.

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When designing a home that’s truly a part of the modern age, it’s important to consider how technology will be incorporated into your plans. A great way to include entertainment in both your living space and bedroom area is to install a dividing wall featuring a swiveling television that can be viewed from either side.


Rustic barn wood and stainless steel are two of the hottest trends in home design at the moment. Incorporate them both into your kitchen’s design for a truly modern look that’s both progressive and homey.