30 Cute & Creative Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas season is such a special time and a lot of preparation is done to ensure that everything is in the right place for the celebration on this special day. One of the key areas that is given a lot of emphasis is in the home decoration for christmas celebration purposes. There should be a dynamic shift from how your decorated the house the previous year to the current year for a more fulfilling day. The creative christmas decorating ideas shared here will give you insight on how you can transform your home for an exciting, merrier environment.

Instead of sticking only to what you know this year, try out a few of these Christmas decorating ideas to add some festive individuality to your home.

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Simply use a red polka dot ribbon to tie peppermint candy canes to a pine bough over your window, creating a cheerful ambiance for both strangers passing by your home and those gathering within it.


Being on a budget is no excuse to avoid getting festive this holiday season, as cute Christmas décor just doesn’t get much easier or cheaper than this! To create this gorgeous piece of wall art, arrange Popsicle sticks into a snowflake formation and bond them together with a hot glue gun. Once the glue has dried, coat your snowflake with paint in a shade of red, green, or white. To add a touch of fun, sprinkle loose glitter over the paint before it dries. Once the base coat has dried, seal it with a coat of clear protective paint.


Some of the fondest memories of adolescence involve cutting snowflakes out of white paper and decorating a classroom with them during a holiday party. Get in touch with your inner child and use paper snowflakes to decorate windows throughout your home.

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You don’t have to be a little kid in order to play with snowballs! Create a row of snowball stacks along your sidewalk or driveway, placing a white tea light candle in the middle of each stack. Once it’s dark outside and the stacks have frozen together, light each candle with a lit taper/candlestick or a multi-purpose lighter gun.

Christmas Decorating Ideas

Apothecary jars of various shapes and sizes are easy to scout out at thrift stores and garage sales. Just fill them with any festive materials you have sitting around the house, from candy canes or red and green M&Ms, to bows or ornaments. They make beautiful centerpieces at a holiday meal, or they can also be used as cheery accents on side tables or mantles around the home.

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One of the biggest joys of the Christmas season is the outpouring of love from family and friends. Instead of shoving Christmas cards and photos into a stack, surround yourself with holiday wishes from your loved ones with this creative idea. Attach an extra full garland to any open doorframe in your home and use clothespins to hang cards from it.

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Another fun and innovative way to use an array of Christmas cards as home decor is to simply frame them! Attach a couple of rows of wiring to the back of a large frame; use mini clothespins to hang cards from the wiring. While this turquoise frame used by Erin of the parenting and crafting blog Sunny Side Up is undeniably cheery, you could also use one that’s red or green for a look that’s more distinctively holiday-themed.

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The chances are great that the items you need to make this Santa planter are littering the back of your closet and/or your recycling bin as we speak! The actual planter is an old coffee can that has been sprayed with red paint, while Santa’s belt can be made of a black belt you no longer wear or even an old camera strap. You probably already have faux greens and holly berries amidst your Christmas decorations from years past, but you can also score some at your local discount or craft store.

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Over the years, most people collect more ornaments than a single tree could possibly hold. Instead of packing them away indefinitely, try this approach! Line the top of your window with a garland and bow; then tie your favorite Christmas ornaments to it with ribbons of varying lengths. While we love the uniform design that Nichelle of Vintage Wanna Be created with multicolored glass balls, you could also take a more personalized approach by hanging a variety of ornaments from your own collection.

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Sprinkle your home with sparkle by adorning various locales with these DIY icicles. To achieve the look, wrap straightened wire ornament hangers with tin foil. Then dip each one in white glue, sprinkle it with silver glitter, and allow it to dry completely. Once dried, hammer a nail into each faux icicle to create a small hole. String another wire ornament hanger that hasn’t been straightened through the hole of each icicle and hang them wherever your heart desires. These little gems look incredible hanging from mantles, trees, windows, or any area that could use a touch of holiday shimmer!



Sure, you could shell over a load of cash for a piece of holiday décor like this at an upscale store, but why waste the dough when you can easily make it on your own? Start off by finding a glass jar and a cute Christmas ornament or figurine, such as the mini tree used by Heather of the blog Whipperberry. Attach your ornament or figurine to the bottom of the jar lid with a hot glue gun. Fill the jar with fake snow, screw the lid back on, and shake it up! While these DIY snow globes will look fantastic scattered around your home during the holidays, they also make creative presents on the cheap that your friends and family are sure to adore!

f8cc5eaf73dfb36e143b84ea7190df05It’s amazing how many Christmas ornaments a single family can collect over the years. Instead of cramming them all onto the tree, create this natural ladder by tying together birch branches with yarn and hanging ornaments from the rungs.


This lovely piece of Christmas wall art is made almost entirely of scrapbooking supplies that crafters may already have on hand. Fill a deep shadow box about half way with small jingle bells (or ornaments) of your choice, and use double-back tape to affix a holiday-themed piece of scrapbooking paper to the backboard of the box. You’re left with a chic Christmas decoration that looks as though it took much more effort and talent than it truly did to assemble!


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Guests who visit your home for a holiday party will want to look their best. This piece provides them with an opportunity to discreetly check their appearances, while also acting as a gorgeous piece of décor for your wall or mantle. Just use a permanent glue to affix ornaments in an arrangement around the edges of a large mirror. The specifics of the arrangement will be left up to your own creativity, but make sure to remove the tops of the ornaments before getting to work, or your end product will have an awkward appearance.


While traditional Christmas wreaths are undoubtedly beautiful, we have to admit that we’re a bit sick of seeing the same red and green designs on every door we pass during each holiday season. This fun alternative is easy to make with just a few items that are probably already hiding around your house! The first step is to paint a wood frame in a festive color of your choice. After the paint has dried, use a staple gun to fasten ribbon-hung ornaments of varying lengths to the back of the frame. If you’re feeling especially crafty, use a hot glue gun to affix an oversized ribbon to the front of the frame before hanging on your door.


When topped with colorful glass balls or vintage ornaments, a vintage or shabby chic cake stand can make a beautiful centerpiece or accent piece on a side table or mantel.

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Think outside the box and take the garland off the tree! Designer Dana Bueno dreamed up this budget-friendly idea of tying vintage strips of fabric and ribbon onto sturdy twine to create a garland that can hang virtually anywhere, from bare walls to boring staircases. While the result oozes with vintage charm, the process of making the garland is a family-friendly activity that all ages can enjoy.


This decorating idea is not for those who are faint of heart when it comes to DIY projects, but even though it requires some elbow grease and patience, the end result is entirely worth it! Whether you want this tree made of weathered barn wood to replace a traditional pine counterpart, or you are just looking for an extra piece of décor for your home this season, check out the blog Her Tool Belt for step-by-step instructions on how to make it.


This decorating idea has to be the cheapest but also the cutest that we have seen all season. Just affix a magnet to the backs of glass ornament balls and use them as fridge decorations. You could also use this same idea to add some holiday cheer to your office by sticking them to the sides of filing cabinets!


If you’re like most people, you probably shop for most of your holiday presents online. Not only is there convenience in having goodies delivered to your doorstep, but the boxes in which they are shipped will provide you with the base for this adorable holiday decorating idea. Just wrap empty boxes in your favorite Christmas wrapping and stack them on your front porch or doorstep for easy décor!