3 Ways to Make Your Home Ooze Elegance

The style of the home comes down to one things, details. Those details are the finishing touches to that complete a look. When you are ready to decorate your home, decorate from the floor up to the top.  Start with flooring treatments and work your way to the lighting on the ceiling.

Oriental Rugs

Elegant decor and style are usually more traditional. Yes, you can take contemporary decor and make it absolutely beautiful. We are going to stick with the classic decor to be on the safe side.

A traditional oriental rug is timeless. For large spaces, these are a great way to fill them with a rich look. These rugs can be the focal point of the room because of their rich colors and bold patterns. These rugs tend to be on the pricey side, which is a reason that they are a staple of classy design and decor.

These also make great runners. If you put them near the front entrance, they can make a bold first impression.

Ornate Furniture

The furniture pieces that you choose should go hand in hand with the accent rugs that you choose. For instance, if you choose a dark finished furniture, it will pair nicely with a deep red or bold royal blue rug.

For the details of the furniture, choose pieces that are ornate. This can be scroll arms on a sofa. If the scroll is wood, think carved intricate designs.

The legs on the furniture shouldn’t be straight and simple, unless the top half of the piece is really detailed. If they aren’t, the legs should bring the piece alive. Spiral legs and bun feet are a great way to dress the foundation of the furniture up.

As for fabric, you can have some fun. You can choose a white or cream linen look and texture or go a little over the top with velvet. The fabric and color you choose can set the tone for the room. If you go bold, these pieces will be the first impression when someone enters the room. The darker, richer colors will be a dramatic tone to the room, if you choose light colors, white and ivory, this gives an light and airy elegance.

Coffee tables and end tables are a great way to add personality to the room.


Oh, chandeliers! If you’ve ever walked into a room with a large chandelier, you know the effect it has on the room. Chandeliers tend to give a grand feeling to the space.

If you have a two story foyer, this is a great way to fill the space, with an eye catching piece. You can opt for a multilayer, several feet long chandelier.  If you don’t have tall ceilings, don’t worry. You can still have that eye catching piece, without the bulk. Instead of hanging down , which will cramp the room, choose one that branches out. A piece that spreads out two to four feet will really make a statement. If you don’t like the idea of a sprawling chandelier, you can still have a more traditional looking chandelier. It will just need to be a little more compact.

A classy, rich decor style is all about the details. You want the focal point of the room to make a statement. Whether you go with a deep colored or bright white decor, remember the smaller details. Intricate designs carved into the furniture are a way to kick the decor up a notch. Details like that give it a wow factor.