25 Romantic Bedroom Ideas For Couples

The bedroom is the epitome for romance and fun amongst couples and the outlook and status of the bedroom can either discourage intimacy between couples or trigger the same. To enjoy romantic relationship as a couple it is important that the bedroom be kept clean with other features and decor well in place for a more comfortable time in the bedroom. There are great romantic bedroom ideas for couples that anyone can take advantage of for a more fulfilling romantic time in the bedroom.

Romance is different for each person and each couple and you need to explore what you and your spouse feel in this regard, while deciding on the décor. The one thing that you can talk about and which will help you in this regard is, what your idea of romantic is. Some people prefer old fashioned settings, some like a rustic setting, some prefer Victorian, some others like the tropical and some like country settings. You can have your décor design based on one or a combination of more than one of these. Another way to go would be to take elements from each one to come up with your own theme for a romantic bedroom.

Adding a fireplace: This is something that most people will agree is romantic. With advances in modern life you can have an electric one with realistic look and sound effects.  You can also go in for a hologram fireplace just add the look.

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Choosing the right color scheme: The right color on the walls can instantly and very cost effectively lift and change the mood of your bedroom.

Red: You can give serious thought to this; you will find that most people think of red as the color of love. So you can either paint a wall red or add design elements in the color. Another way to use color is in the bedclothes and drapes.


Blue: Blue is considered a serene hue and a slightly masculine feel to the bedroom which may make men more comfortable with. Combined with white, it can add a neat and clean look.

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Green: Green is the color of nature and healing and can have a good effect on a room. It allows people to feel serene and also adds plush feel. People feel revived with certain shades of green.

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Yellow: Yellow is a color of vigor and splashes of it can cheer the room and make it look sunny. On the whole, carefully consider colors and combinations to add the right amount of comfort, coziness and passion to the bedroom. You can play with colors based on some fabrics that you think will look good in the bedroom

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Add a touch of Sensuality: This is about adding things that add pleasure to the senses. This includes touch, feel and smell. The fabrics that you pick for the bedroom should not only look good but also feel rich and comforting. Apart from considering your choices visually do touch and feel them to know how they will feel against your body.

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Some more tips to make your bedroom romantic:

Concentrate on the lighting: Along with the color and feel of the things in your bedroom the other thing that will add romance is color. Softer and mellow lighting will make things look better and set the mood.

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Another thing that will make your bedroom vibrate with romance is aromas. Scents like jasmine, cinnamon and vanilla are great choices. You can think of candles, potpourri or sprays to bring in the fragrance. Over and above all these things, remember that a romantic bedroom needs a romantic and confident hearts to get things going.


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