20 Perfectly Playful Kids’ Room Design Ideas

Kids room with playful accents can be quite fascinating and exciting for the kids. The kids also find the rooms invited and are often delighted to show their friends how their rooms look like. It takes modern decorating ideas and creativity in interior designs to decorate playful kid’s room that is appealing to the kids. Here are some of the perfectly designed playful kid’s room ideas you can get insight from.

The primary purpose for your child’s bedroom is to provide him with a place to rest, but chances are high that he will do just as much playing as he will sleeping in his room. Needless to say, a child’s room should have plenty of fun flair, but it’s also necessary that it feels relaxing and comfortable.

These twenty ideas for decorating your child’s room pack a playful punch, yet they are practical for implementing in a bedroom where your child will also be able to dream and sleep in peace.

Kids Room Ideas

Regardless of exact age or gender, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a kid who doesn’t enjoy getting in touch with his artistic side. Jessica from the blog Mom 4 Real repurposed a vanity found at a thrift shop to create the perfect art station for her little one. It could also be used in the future as a homework desk!

Kids Room Design Ideas

Give your child a space to take pride in his beautiful creations! Mount a wire curtain rod, like this one from Ikea, onto a bedroom wall and attach small metal clips so your budding artist can show off his best work.


Resist the temptation to buy boring and generic shelves for your kid’s room; instead, use neglected skateboards to display his most prized possessions! Attach them to the wall in a secure fashion by using sturdy metal mounts.


Change things up and add a splash of color to your child’s bedroom floor instead of painting or papering the walls! Even if your floor isn’t made of linear wood planks like this one, you could easily use painter’s tape to create straight lines and achieve a similar look.


At some point in your child’s life, he will undoubtedly be tempted to pull out a writing utensil and scribble all over his bedroom walls. That might sound terrifying, but don’t fret! Foster that creative impulse by painting one or more of your child’s walls with chalkboard paint. If you like the idea but don’t want to take on such a large project, purchase removable chalkboard decals and stick them on your child’s wall.


Most parents want to make reading a priority for their children, but storage shelves for all those books can be expensive and space consuming! Blogger Britt of the website Gus and Lula came up with the brilliant idea to convert PVC gutters into bookshelves in her child’s room. She mounted the gutters to the wall using drywall anchors and screws and made sure to hang them at a height her kiddo could easily access. To prevent her little one from hurting herself and add more stability to the setup, she also installed end caps onto the shelves.


Take a more personal approach to decorating your child’s room instead of outfitting it with generic pieces of art. Take a photo of his favorite toy and have it printed on a large canvas to add his personality to the room’s design.

Even the children of the most minimalist-minded parents end up with lots of odds and ends that seem to have no place. Simplify “clean up time” and organize your child’s clutter using cube-style shelving. While larger items like books and plush toys can be placed right on the shelf, have plenty of small plastic bins available for tiny items like blocks and toy cars.


Don’t fear if your kid’s room is filled with plush toys for which he has virtually no area to house. Hang a shoe organizer on the back of his bedroom door to display your child’s favorite stuffed animals without taking up any floor space!


There’s no need to shell over hundreds of dollars for a kid-themed dresser if you already have a sturdy furniture piece in your possession. Simply tie colored ribbons around the knobs, or replace the knobs completely with drawer pulls that are shaped like animals or cartoon characters!


Just because two of your children have to share one bedroom shouldn’t mean that each kid has to sacrifice personal space or concede to a design he doesn’t like. Divide one room in half using a curtain divider and two distinctive color schemes, one for each child.


This giant Lego wall is the perfect asset to the bedroom of any “Master Builder.” Just mount Lego mats to the wall and let your little builder go crazy with his creations, which will then be on display at all times.


Find a new purpose for old milk crates by stacking them and using them as display cases for your child’s prized possessions. If you’re more limited on space, you could also mount them directly onto the wall to achieve a similar look.


Quite honestly, we can’t think of anything more awesome than this adorable Ferris wheel storage unit. Use it to store anything from plush toys to extra blankets!


Perfect for rainy days and dark evenings when your child wants nothing more than to shoot some hoops, this basketball-themed room design encourages physical activity and is complete with a patch of hardwood gym flooring.


In order to maintain a fresh feel and visually elongate his space, interior designer Grace Bonney painted a linear teal design onto her son’s ceiling that trails down onto the plain white walls. This is an excellent option for those who don’t want to mess around with lots of paint and wallpaper in their child’s bedroom.


This unbelievably fun setup brings the playground to the bedroom! Install a plastic slide to the upper level of a bunk bed setup, and you will never again have to battle with your child to get out of bed in the morning!


By mounting a swing from the ceiling, you can still bring the playground to the bedroom even if your child doesn’t have a bunk bed in his room! Just make sure that it’s hung in an area where nothing fragile will be damaged by little feet kicking the air!


Paint wooden squares in a variety of bright colors and decorate to spell out your child’s name. Then string them onto a wire and mount on the wall for a personalized piece of wall art that helps your child take ownership of his room.


Any little ballerina would give just about anything for a room with a feminine design like this one! To achieve a look similar to that at her dance studio, mount framed full-length mirrors and a railing along the wall so she can practice her spins any time she pleases.