Easy and Simple Tips to Stop Bathroom Smells

It is possible for bathrooms to smell especially after being used however if the smell persists for a longer period even when none is using the bathroom then that should be something to address. There are different types of solutions that have been proven to help in stopping that bad odour emanating from the bathroom. The bathroom then remains clean with such a fragrant smell after the solutions are used in cleaning it. Here are some easy and simple tips to stop bathroom smells that leaves you with a clean and sweet-smelling bathroom.

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Find out the source: The first thing you need to do is identify the source. The best way to do this is by following the nose.  Here are some common places from which the bad smell could be emanating from:

The toilet: Often it is the toilet that is the cause of the smell. In such cases do use some cleanser to wipe the seat using some paper and then flush the toilet Then proceed to clean the toilet with the cleanser taking special care to get those difficult to reach areas like the rim etc.  Follow the instructions on the bottle or container of toilet cleaner with regard to precautions as it could be really strong stuff.

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The floor immediately next to the toilet: Often this area is the culprit when it comes to being the source of the odor as some people may not be that good at aiming. Simply scrub out this area  with soap and water using a good brush. Wearing gloves during the process could be a good idea.  Make sure to leave the area dry once you are done scrubbing

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The bathing and showering area:
Sometimes these can also be the culprit when it comes to being a source of bad smells.  Sometimes not using a shower can make the water inside go stale and cause odor. In such case dribble a few drop of disinfectant down the shower head and rinse it out. The drains also need to be checked and cleaned out. You can also add some disinfectant to this area so that the smell is improved along with the hygiene factor.

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Sink or wash basin area: This can also be the source of odour and you need to check for blockage. Then thoroughly scrub the basin with a good cleanser. Also ensure that there are no leaky taps that are creating damp and thereby becoming the source of odour in the bathroom. After cleaning, repairing and drying the basin adding a few drops of disinfectant is a really good idea.

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Other causes for odour: These could include the garbage bin in the bathroom. The smell could either emanate from the garbage itself in which case getting rid of it could eliminate it. In case the bin itself is the cause, then you need to scrub and dry the bin thoroughly to get  rid of the source of bad smell.  The floor could be cause for odour too in case the water flow is not proper and there are patches of damp on them. In which case, mopping the area dry after usage would prevent the smell.

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The occurrence of mold on the shower curtain or the door could also be the cause of bad smell especially in places where humidity is high. Ensure that you clean this and also air out the bathroom to ensure that this does not occur. Another source of problems could be the fan or ventilator in the bathroom. In which case getting it cleaned is a good idea.
Paneling: This could also be a cause for producing bad smells in the bathroom and you should try checking behind these to make sure they are dry and clean.

Once you have covered all these areas, you are well on your way to clean and better smelling bathroom.

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